Baby Booties Crochet

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length of the foot 10 cm, for about 3-6 months

Yarn of turkey acrylic baby hook № 2,5 

1. This is the outline of the sole the most successful of those that I met. Only the last row we knit to the middle of the heel and we do not break the thread

2. We knit the purl series with the columns without the crochet, for this we introduce the hook under the pigtail

3. We remove the ready sole

4. We knit 2 rows of columns with a crochet (CCN) in a circle, bend in half and mark the center of the sock

5. From the center to the right we count 13 loops and tie the working thread. We knit a sock according to the scheme (the beginning where 3 VP)

The remaining on each side of the 5SN crochet on the wrong side

6. We knit the heel part from the middle of the heel 
1 of the row-CCN in a circle, at the corners of the joint with the toe along the 3 CCS together, along the upper part of the toe with 2 CCS under each lying across the CCN 
2 row - CCN in a circle

3 and 4 row - grid (CER + VP on each second loop of the base)

7. Twisted ruches. On the last row of the grid, we knit 3 CCN + VP between them for each cell wall in a zigzag (as if by the letter P)

8. It remained to decorate the finishing color. We knit with chains of 3 VPs, RLS between COS of the previous series

9. On a pigtail, which we have left on the soles of knit as 3 VP, sc. Here you can tie the beads.

10. We knit a flower, adorn it with beads and sew on a booties. We pass the ribbon along the grid row. Bootetka is ready!


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