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Unfortunately, no descriptions or diagrams were found. But I liked them very much. Not much experience in knitting amaguumi I have, so I share with you the result of my little work

Materials: Yarn: basic color Pekhorka gentle; additional color of Soso; Hook № 2; 2 beading beads; Red Muline (for nose); Filler (synthepon).
Abbreviations and symbols
V. P.-Air loop
V. P.-Air Loop lifting
CA-Amaguumi Ring
P-Increment (out of 1 to knit 2 SBN)
U-Ubavka (of 2 SBN knit 1 SBN)
SS-Connecting Column
()-Number of loops in a row
Dial 9 p.
1 row: 1 v. P. P., 7 SBN, 5 in the last C., turn knitting, 8 SBN, 4 SBP, SS-(24)
2 row: 1 v. P. P., 8 SBN, p, 3 SBN in the next loop, p, 9 SBN, p, 3 in the next loop, p, SS-(32)
3 row: 1 P. p., 8 SBN, (p, 1 SBN) х4, 8 SBN, p, (1 SBN, p) x 3, SS-(40)
4 row: 1 P. p., 8 SBN, p, 2 SBN, p, 3 SBN, p, 2 SBN, p, 9 SBN, p, 2 SBN, p, 3 SBN, p, 2 SBN, p, SS-(48)

* Note in the 5th and subsequent ranks of the PV count for 1 SBN
5-14 (10 rows): 48 (48)
15 Row: (6 SBN, U) х6-(42)
16-17 Series: 42 (42)
18 Row: (5 sbn, U) х6-(36)
19-20 Series: 36 (36)
21 Row: (4 SBN, U) х6-(30)
22 -23 Series: 36 (30)
Fills our
Forming ears:
Leave on 6 v. P. On Kroyam, the middle to sew
Tie the ears: 1 row-6 SBN, 2 row-3u, pull.
The second ear is knit similarly
Additional color
CA or 2 v. P.
1 row: 6 in the Ring-(6)
2 row: PC6-(12)
3-4 Series: 12 SBN-(12)
5 row: (4 SBN, U) х2 (10)
Change the color on the main and then knit on the spiral to the desired length, not tight stuffing in the course of knitting.
Sew Tail

Eye (Speck) 1 pc
Additional color we do ka or dial 2 v. P.
1 row: 6 per ring (6)
2 row: PC6 (12)
3 row: 12 cc
Sew the eyes, embroider the spout.
Kitty is ready!!!
* The original stain for the eye is made of felt
* In the tail I inserted the wire
P.S. I do not pretend to 100% similarity with the original.

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