Fishnet Pullover Free Pattern

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Size: 38-42 (46-48 in) 

You will need: 350 (400) G pink yarn Baby Alpaca (100% Alpaca, 170 m/50 g); Spokes № 3; Hook № 3. 

Facial surface: Faces. P.-Persons. P., N. R.-Izn. P. 

Openwork pattern: Width 11 p. Knit According to the scheme, in the Izn. P. All loops and scum knit Starting with loops before rapport, repeating the loops of rapport, finishing loops after rapport. Repeat from 1st to 12th p. 

"Rachiy Step": Art. 6/n from left to right. 

The Special decrease, the right side of the central strip: 1 Simple Stretch (1 p. To remove, 1 p. Touch the faces. and stretch it through the removed p.). 

A Special decrease, the left side of the central strip: the last 2 p. Get Together persons.

The Density of Knitting: openwork pattern: 22 p. and 32 P. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Backrest: Dial 3 (9) p., Knit faces. And on both sides to add in each 2nd P. 11 x 6 (8 x 7 and 3 x 6) p. After 7 cm knit between chrome. as follows: 55 (66) p. openwork pattern, at the same time start with a loop in front of the rapport and the last loop Projazat simple stretch, 23 p. Persons. Smooth, 55 (66) p. openwork pattern, while finishing the last loops of the scheme. For shaping on both sides of the central strip of faces. Gladi reduce in each 18th p. 10 x 1 P. Special Ubavamam. When all the loops are faces. Ironed, knit on all p. openwork pattern and on the average 3 p. Again to perform double stretch. After 65 cm Close for shoulders on both sides of 33 (38) p., on the remaining p. Tie another 3 cm and close the loops. 

Before: For the left corner dial 3 p., Knit faces. and in each 2nd p. Add 1 x 6 (5) p. and 6 x 8 (10) p., loops to postpone. The Right angle is symmetrical. Then postponed loops of both parts of the front to dial on one spoke, thus to reduce 1 p. On all 113 (135) p. Knit openwork pattern. After 50 cm close to the neck 1 middle loop and knit further separately. After 60 SM to close for shoulders on 33 (38) p., on remaining p. To tie another 3 SM and close loops. 

Sleeves: Dial 51 in (59) p., Tie 1 N. P. Persons. P. On the average 45 p. Knit openwork pattern, on both sides of it knit faces. Surface. For Skosov sleeves To add on both parties alternately in each 4th p. 21 х 1 P. and in each 2nd p. 20 х 1 P. After 40 SM to close all loops. 

Assembly: Perform shoulder seams and collar seams. The Edges of the cut and collar tie 1 p. St. 6/N and 1 p. "Raca step". Execute side seams and seams of sleeves, dial loops on nabornomu edge, tie 1 circle. P. N. N. and close loops as individuals.

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