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A beautiful silhouette, an original combination of patterns and an emphasized femininity of this jumper with a throat-boat like fans of calm classics.


36/38 (40/42) 44/46


Yarn (100% Merino wool, 80 m / 50 g) - 650 (700) 750 g bright red; spokes number 5; 1 set of stocking spokes number 5; circular knitting needles №5.



The number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 2 marginal = knit acc. Scheme 1, starting with 1 purl series. In the diagram, the inverted row A is given after the initial row, then only the front rows are given. In unprindled purl strings, loops are to be tied according to a pattern, nasids are to be sewn with facial, from 2 nacs in a row, the first cape is to be sewn on the back, the second is to be sewn on the facial. Constantly repeat the rapport between the edgeband. Execute once the purl-size series A and 1-6-series, then constantly repeat 1-6-series.


Rows in the forward and backward direction: front rows - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops. Circular rows: only facial loops.


1st row: 3 facial. 

2-nd row and all the following purl rows: loops and capes to be sewn by purl. 

3 rd row: 1 nakid, 1 loop with double slope to the left (2 loops to remove together, as front, 1 front and pull it through the removed hinges), 1 cap. 

Constantly repeat the 1-4-rd series.


In the front rows at the beginning of the row = edge, 1 facial, 1 loop with a double slant to the left, 1 cape; 

at the end of the row = knit to the last 5 sts, 1 cape, 1 loop with double slope to the left, 1 facial, edge. In the back rows, loops and nakidae are to be sewn with the backs.


The number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 2 = knit acc. scheme 2 in a circular array. The scheme gives odd circular series. In even circular rows, all loops are sewed according to the drawing, the first round is sewed with the wrong fabric, the second with the outer ring. Start with the loops before the rapport, repeat constantly repeat, end with the loops after the rapport. Perform 3 times 1-6th circular series = 18 circular rows, then constantly repeat the 19th and 20th circular rows.


18 p. X. 26 p. / Circle. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected with a lace elastic and collar pattern; 

18 p. X 24 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by an openwork strip and facial smoothness.




Dial the hinges 86 (94) 102 loops and for the strap bind 8 cm = 21 p. Openwork elastic. 

Continue the work as follows: edging, 23 sts front facet, 3 sts openwork stripe, 32 (40) 48 sts front facings, 3 stitches openwork stripe, 23 sts front facings, edge. In the future, both openwork strips in rows with nakidami (= 3-rd series of patterns) are displaced 1 loop outwards. For each displacement, before the 1st stripe of the openwork strip, it should be less than 1 st in the front face, between the openwork strips, it should be pinned more by 2 sts with the facial surface and, after the 2nd openwork strip, it should be sewn less by 1 st in the face surface than before. Offset to begin to perform in the 7th row from the bar and perform a total of 15 times in each 4-th row, until on both sides after and before the edge there will be still another 8 p. Of facial smoothness. 

After 26.5 cm = 64 rows from the bar continue to work for the regular bevel on all the hinges with a pattern 2, while in the 1st row close on both sides 1 x 8 n. = 70 (78) 86 p.  

In the next facial row is emphasized to decrease 1 point on both sides and then to repeat the underlined deductions still 8 (10) 12 times in each 4-th row. 

After 41.5 cm = 100 rows (45 cm = 108 rows) 48.5 cm = 116 rows from the strip to extend through the edges of the next and previous loop through the edges on both sides respectively and leave the remaining 50 (54) 58 p.


For cuts, the bar is to be knit from 3 parts: for the middle part, put on knitting needles 32 (40) 48 loops and knit with an elastic band, while in the back row A after the edge strip alternately 2 purl and 2 facial, finish 2 purl and edge. 

In the next facial series, start with the edge and 1 st. Facial surface, repeat constantly repeat, finish 1 st with a pattern 2 and edge. With a strip width of 8 cm = 21, leave a loop. 

For the left side part, dial 27 loops on the spokes and knit with an elastic band, while in the back row A, after the edge banding, alternate the two purl and 2 facial, finish 1 purl and edge. In the front rows begin with 1 edge, repeat constantly repeat, finish 1 st in the front face and edge. With a strip width of 8 cm = 21, leave a loop. 

The right side part is knit in the mirror image. Loops of the left side part, middle part and right side part dial 1 spoke and on these 86 (94) 102 loops continue working, as on the back.


Dial 60 loops on each of the 52 (56) knitting needles and bind 8 cm = 21 rows with a rubber band, for the loops, distribute the loops as in the middle part of the bar. 

Then, distribute the loops along 13 (14) 15 sts to 4 stocking knitting needles, close the work in the ring and then knit the front face in circular rows. The beginning of the circular row = the middle of the upper part of the sleeve. 

After 36 cm = in the 86th circular row (34cm = in the 82nd circular row), 32cm = in the 78th circular row from the strip, knit to start the ragged bevel as follows: tie 18 (20) 22 loops face, then close 16 items, like facial. 

On the remaining 36 (40) 44 loops continue to work the front face in rows in the forward and backward directions, while in the 1st row on both sides add 1 edge facetted cross from the transverse thread = 38 (42) 46 n. 

In the next facial row perform on both sides 1 the accentuation is increased and repeat it 8 (10) 12 times in each 4-th row. In the 122 (126) 130th circular row / row from the strip on both sides, tie the edge with the next or previous loop together in the wrong direction and through 51 cm = 122 circular rows / rows (52.5 cm = 126 circular rows / rows) 54 cm = 130 circular rows / rows from the strip to leave the remaining 18 p.


Carry out the seams of the raglan, as well as the side seams and the seams of the sleeves. 

Dial the last 9 loops of the right sleeve on the circular knitting needles, 50 (54) 58 back stitches, 18 loops of the left sleeve, 50 (54) 58 hinges and the first 9 loops of the right sleeve = 136 (144) 152 pt. Mark the beginning of the circular row, then mark the first and last loop, as well as 2 middle hinges on the left sleeve as hinges loops, these 4 loops of deductions are constantly tied with facial smoothness. On the 66 (70) 74 hinges between the hinges loops according to the pattern of the collar, in this case, in each 2nd circle circle 10 (11) 12 x 4 p., Lower: with a slant to the left, respectively (1 loop to remove, as front, 1 front, then extend it through the removed loop), the 2nd and 4th loop loops with the previous loop together with the front one, respectively. 


Immediately next to the lines of cuts do not perform the capes and do not loop the loops together, instead of tying the loops back and front respectively. 

After 8 cm = 21 circle series (9 cm = 23 circular rows) 9.5 cm = 25 circular rows from the beginning of the collar knitting to close the remaining 96 (100) 104 sts according to the figure. 

Photo: magazine  "Sabrina" № 11/2016

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