Lace Blouse Crochet Pattern

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Lace Blouse Description:

. Material Saint-gilles (fine)
Tan (Ill) 190G/8 Group 
. Tool Crochet 2/0 Number
. Finished size bust 88cm, shoulder width
34cm, Maxi 55cm, sleeve length LLCM 
. Density weave pattern a 1 pattern
Approx. 1.5cm, I () cm is 14 lines 
0 Knitting essentials before and after the body piece lock needle up 
Needles, crochet pattern A. Pattern B Reference
icon to pick a needle. Sleeve reference Illustration
Crochet pattern A, cuffs edge Crochet 2 
Line pattern BC breeders follow from (to 0 
The sequential crochet. (j) With reference to the icon pick needle,
Crochet short stitch. 0 of the flower slices using the lock needle ring
form the needle, in the 6th row with the hook in the 
Together 0 short needles, left and right, respectively.
Mesh pattern crochet. Combined shoulder Use
"1-pin short needle, 2-pin lock PIN" 
Nail seam. "1-pin short needle, 2-pin
Lock stitch "pin seam. Collar Crochet Short
Needles, where the 3rd line was a short stitch with a thin rope 
Crochet. Sleeves with "1-pin short needle,
2-pin lock pin "stitch on the body piece. 

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