White Blouse Crochet Pattern

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White Blouse Crochet

Materials: 2 reels of yarn Círculo Anne brilho Ouro (95% cotton, 5% fiber, 150 g/500 m.), hook 1.75 mm.

Coquette: Dial A chain of air loops in the length of 68 cm.
Knitting to connect in a ring.
To knit in a circle.
Knit pattern on diagram 1.
Then divide the cloth back (31 cm), before (31 cm) and 2 sleeves.

Backrest and before: to knit in a circle only loops of a back and pass on a scheme 2.
After 28 cm. Tie down the bottom on diagram 3.
Tie sleeves According to scheme 4.
Tie the neck on the scheme 4.

Pattern Here :

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