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knitted of yarn Spark of cr №2, the edge of Happy by Yarn Art
Step 1 - knit soles.
On the sole I take a thicker yarn than the main one, from which I will knit. And I knit it a little more tightly. This is due to the fact that the sole should be harder, thicker, it is the main load. Also the sole of bootees is responsible for the beautiful shape of the shoe, it is the foundation, if you want)
So, depending on the desired size, you should experiment on what size and how many loops you need. Yarn can be of different thickness and density, even with the same footage on the labels. Consider it.
I took Gabbi's cotton, it is 170 meters thick by 100 grams. In spite of this, I manage to crochet number 2.5) For knitting the top, I like Lanoso Alara's yarn - it is cotton / acrylic, 140 m / 50 g or something like that.
I knitted a pigtail of 17 airs. loops on the sole size of a little more than 12 cm - this is about the age of 10-13 months.
The scheme was developed by me on the basis of many tested options. So to say in the process of knitting made for myself the best option.
Last air I am stitching a loop with 2 single crochets.
Next, I knit another 7 columns without nakida. Thus capturing exactly half of the chain (8 loops). The next one is a semi-column as a transition to the extension of the sole on the tip of the foot, and then I finish the row with double crochets. Schematically, the sole looks like this (only in the second row I was mistaken when I signed the 5th pillar with N. - of course, there are no crochets)
I hope it will be clear from my not the most successful sketches) In the end I tie everything up with single crochets, without making any gains.
As a result, I got such a sole.
If you need to knit on a very tiny leg of a newborn, then you can not add the 4th row (columns without nakida).
How do I tie the top? There is a little trick. First, I start the row not from behind, but from the inner side of the sole. I do this so that the smaller seams are visible, after all, the inside of the shoe is less accessible to the eyes, agree. Just for the sake of aesthetics.
We bend the sole in half and approximately in the middle we thread the thread for strapping along the top. Thread while doing as if from the bottom.
And so I knit the first row of the top with columns without a nakid, without making additions or reductions.
Then I knit a couple more rows (for a small size, you can knit only 1 more row instead of 2), then I fold the sole along and find the middle of the toe.
And vyvyazyvu toe on such a scheme. ATTENTION here in the figure there is an inaccuracy in the signatures + - these are columns without a quilt! I apologize for a typo
It can be varied depending on the size - that is, the smaller the size, the smaller at the edges of cuts, if more, you will have to add symmetric cuts. For small size, double crochets are replaced by semi-columns.
At the end, in the upper two rows, you can also make 2-3 symmetrical reductions on the heel part of the booties, for a more physiological fit on the leg of the child.
In the end, you should get something like this:
Then we fold the booties along and from the middle of the top we lay about one third on the side opposite to the seam.
We put a hook there and if you knit from the same side as on my sample, then you need to do on the hook 5 loops and and knit from the inside out from the toe side with single crochets.
When we reach the end of the row, unfold the knitting and from the front side we begin to knit a series of double crochets.
Again, unfold knitting and knit a number of columns without nakida. At the beginning of the row we make a buttonhole, for this we knit 2 tbsp. without n. and 2 air. loops, passing from below 2 tbsp. previous row.
Next, we knit a row of double crochets, then a row of crochets without crochets, and again a row of crochets of crochets; in one of the rows, you can make a couple of extras to expand the tops.
And then in the same way we make the second buttonhole, in the end we’ll get an edge with a tops and button slots
Bootie is almost ready, it remains to make strapping with a fur coat and sew buttons. As a binding, I take a yarn such as Kroha Nazar-Rus or Anacusus Kartop, very much like a baby, but even much softer. And I knit it with the seamy side of the upper edge and zahlest booties. Why seamy? It is also established empirically that when knitting with this yarn, the front side of the knitting looks less lush and you can see parts of the thread in it, whereas from the inside of the fabric, connected by Crumb or Anacusus, looks like a solid down!
The penultimate step when knitting bootees-ugg - sewing buttons. It is better to take some beautiful children's buttons in tone.
I think this is logically understandable, but just in case, I will add that we are making the second bootie in mirror image) That is, if the overrun began with knitting on the top of a pigtail from a hob. loops, then on the second bootie you will need to knit these loops at the end of the first row of the top.
This is the result I got, I hope you get much better)
All creative success!

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