Little Dog Free Pattern

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I knitted iris, hook 1.25

1p: 7 pet in Pelju, tighten
2p: 14 art (2 tbsp in pet)
3p: 21st (art, 2st in one-to the end of the series)
4rs: 28 Art (art, art, 2st in one)
5p: 35 Art (art, art, art, 2st in one)
6-11 R: 35 in a circle
12p: 28st (3st, decrease)
13R: 21st (2st, decrease)
14r: 18st (5st, decrease)

1p: 9 Pet in a ring
2p: 18 tbsp (2st in pet)
3-13 r: 18 Art Circle
14R: 9 Art (2 together)
! 5p: 6st (st, decrease), nabt, Steal

Paws-4 pcs 

1p: 5 pet in a ring
2-6 R: In a circle-knit from the inside (and lighter, and faster and so in the original)
Just count 25 more loops. Finish SS.


1p: 6 pet in a ring
2p: 6st
3p: 12 St (2st in one)
4-9 R: 12st in a circle
10R: 10 Art (4 St, 2 together)

1p: 6st in the ring
2p: 12 Art (2 art in one)
3-4 r: 12 Art About the Circle
5p: knit in the opposite direction 2 St
6p: 1VP, knit in the opposite direction-St, 2st in one (it turns out 3 columns in a row, VP do not believe) 
7p: 1VP, knit in the opposite direction-3st
8r: 1VP, knit in the opposite direction-3st
Finish the Series 1 VP, Tighten, leave a ponytail to sew Mosku.
Embroider nose, mouth and eyes.


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