Amigurumi Crocodile Tutorial

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The model is quite simple, I think it is suitable for beginners. It is better to take yarns thicker, then you will tie a large crocodile quickly.

You can take any yarn, even remnants. The crocodile I saw was all motley.

I had a hook number 4. The main pattern is a single crochet. We take a thread, we make a loop from it, in this loop we knit 6 columns without a nakida. Knit better in a spiral, without lifting loops, then you will not be able to seam. Mark thread beginning of the series and then focus on it. This is necessary in order to calculate the number of added / subtracted loops in a row.

So, scored 6 loops 
2 - 4 row - 10 loops 
5 - 10 row - 12 loops

From this place it is better to start gradually filling the body with a filler - cotton wool or padding polyester. Then it will be difficult to carefully fill the tail.

11-14 row - 14 loops 
15 -19 row - 18 loops

Then look at the thickness, if enough, then knit without increments in a circle.

I got a diameter of 6 cm, the length from tail to neck is 25 cm.

Begin to knit neck. To do this, count the number of loops you got at the end of the body and remember it. I had 24 loops in the fortieth row. In the next row we reduce 6 loops.

41 row - 18 loops 
42 row - 12 loops 
43 row - 12 loops 
44 row - 18 loops 
45 row - 24 loops 
45-49 row - 24 loops

Next, knit crocodile mouth.

Divide the resulting number of loops in half. Leave 2 loops at each edge. Knit the upper and lower jaw 10 loops. I got 8 rows.

We knit the inside of the maw of red yarn: 8 rows of 10 loops, then 4 rows of 14 loops and again 8 rows of 8 loops.

We fill the mouth with a filler, insert the inside and tie it up with columns without a nakida. I took white thread, it turns out something like teeth.

Paws. It is necessary to link 4 parts.

In the ring of threads we knit 8 loops. In the next row, add 4 loops, a total of 12. We knit 4 rows. Next, divide the number of loops by 2 and knit separately 2 halves of the foot, not in a circle. We fill with filler and tie a paw around the perimeter of the forked part.

Eyes. It is necessary to link 2 parts.

I took the thread thinner for the eyes. In the ring of threads we knit 6 loops. In the next row, add 3 loops. Knit 4 rows. From white yarn we knit eye sockets. ring of threads knit 6 loops. In the next row double the number of loops. We cut the thread.

Next, I sewed white eye sockets to the actual eyes and a blue thread made pupils.

We collect all the details and your crocodile is ready.


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