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I present to your attention a master class on knitting and decorating fluffy chickens.



The master class does not contain knitting lessons.

Only for home use.

The height of the toy, with my materials 7.5 cm.


Materials and tools:

* Cotton grass yarn from Kamtex 100g / 220m (Lotos weed stretch, Soft from Alize);

* Andre's classic yarn from Adelia red color 100g / 500m for comb (you can use any other suitable for the meter area);

* pryuchok 1.75;

* filler for toys, I have holofiber (you can use swan's down);

* Pouhoderka or Velcro for scratching;

* half beads for eyes;

* baked plastic for beak;

* blue wire for paws;

* Moment glue;

* dry pastel for toning;

* satin ribbon or ready-made bows for decoration.



6 - the number of single crochet;

pr - increase;

kil - down;

VP - air loop;

ssn - double crochet;

psn - crib with double crochet;

() 2 1 number of repetitions.


Wing (2 pieces)

Knit rotary rows.

2 vp in 2nd from hook 3, ce turn;

2p- 3, p. P (3);

3р-1, п, 1, в.п (4);

4p-p, 2, p, pn (6);

5p-p, 4, p, pn (8);

6r- 8.

Thread to fasten and cut.

Head - body

Knit in one piece. To make the chicken more fluffy, knit on the wrong side.

2v.p. in the 2nd from hook 6;

2p - (pr) 6 (12);

3p - (1, pr) 6 (18);

4p - (2, pr) 6 (24);

5p-10 p - 24 (6 rows);

11p - (2, kill) 6 (18);

12p - 18.

13p - (2, pr) 6 (24);

14p - (3, pr) 6 (30);

15p - (4, pr) 6 (36);

16r - 36;

17p - 4, 8 (with body and wing loops together), 12, 8 (with body and wing loops together), 4.

18-23r - 36 (6 rows);

24 - (4, kil) 6 (30).

25 - (3, kil) 6 (24);

26 - (2, kil) 6 (18);

Stuff tightly.

27 - (1, kil) 6 (12);

28 - (sub) 6 (6).

Tighten, fasten, leave the thread about 50 cm long for tying the tail.

Remove the thread in the 23-24 row from the beginning of the rows, where the distance between the wings is 8 sbn. Make sure the tail is in the middle.

Knit rotary rows.

Dial 5 UBN

1p - 5, turn;

2p - kill, 1, kill, turn;

3p - 3 together and one more loop for fastening.

Thread fasten, cut, hide.


From the baked plastic mold the beak, look at the size of your toy. Make a groove with a dagger or any blade. Bake according to the instructions. You can use the baby mass for modeling, but the beak will be fragile. You can tie from the strings Iris 25g / 150 m.


Beak knitted

Knit swivel knit.

Dial 8 VP, in the 2nd loop from the hook

-7 turn

-6, turn

-5, turn

-4, turn

-3, turn

-2, turn

-1, fix the thread, leave the tip for stitching and attaching.

Beak folded in half and sew along the edge. The beak turns out to be soft, you can just stuff or fluff with PVA glue, wait until it dries.



From the blue wire to make paws for our chicken. I left one wire on two legs. Twist the wire so that later the foot can be inserted into the body.


Cut the remains of yarn into small pieces and make a tuft for a girl.

For a boy, type on the head with 5 sbn yarn for scallop, start from the back of the head. Ensure that the comb is exactly in the middle. 

We knit 5 ssn in one loop, 3 psn in the 2nd, 2psn in 3, 2 sbn in the 4th, 2sbn in 5. Fasten, cut, hide the thread.

Glue (sew) the beak and eyes with glue "Moment".

Glue paws.

Optionally - toned with dry pastel.

Make a bow of satin ribbon and glue (sew) on the crest or on the neck. 

Fluffy little ball is ready!

If you combine several colors of yarn and tie a tail, you will get such a handsome man.

For the tail we knit 3-5 feathers. Recruiting 20 vp and knit in each loop sbn. Thread trim, fix. Inside you can insert a bead wire. Put together and sew.

I hope you liked my master class. 

Let the resulting toys bring good luck to you and your friends!

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