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I used to knit a jacket with knitting needles 2,5, acrylic threads. 
Collect 46 loops of 
three rows of facial 
4 rows of facial smoothness 
. row - 1cr., 40l., turn of the 
sl. row - 36 rel., rotation of the 
sl. row - 34 persons., turn of 
sl. row - 32 out of., turn of 
sl. row - facial to the end of 
three rows of faces. smooth, starting from the purl, 
again to repeat the shortened rows of 
seven rows of faces. smooth, 
then we knit the shortened rows, without tying five loops from each edge three times 
farther than the shortened rows, without tying two loops from each edge until there are 4-6 loops left. 
You can close all the hinges, fold the hood in half and sew.
And you can transfer all the loops to one spoke by folding the hood in half, and close them by tying three loops together. 
On the hood on the neck, dial 32 loops from the front. 
Span the series with the wrong ones. 
Next, we distribute the loops as follows: edge, 3 strap loops (knit with garter stitch), 2 faces., 1 raglan buttonhole, 4 faces (sleeve), 1 regina loop, 8 facial (back), 
1 raglan loop, 4 faces. (sleeve), 1 raglan loop, 2 faces., 3 strap loops, edge. 
In the front rows on either side of the regna loop, we make outfits. 
We sew the wrong rows with the wrong ones, only the hinges of the lath are facial. 
I usually make five series of increases.
Next, we knit to the ragged line, then loops of the line of raglan and sleeves are taken off the string, we sew the loops of the backrest and again loops of the line of raglan and sleeves are removed onto the string, we finish the series until the end. 
The length of the jacket is better to try on. Finish knitting with garter stitch. 
I knit sleeves on 3 spokes of the fourth.

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