Crochet Bear Amigurumi

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You will need:
yarn {50% wool, 50% acrylic,
250 m / 100 g) - 50 g of blue and 30 g
brown colors, spokes number 2, 5,
hook number 2.
Facial smoothness: faces. ranks - of persons. loops, out.
the ranks are different. loops.
Grooming: persons. and out. ranks - only
persons. loops.
Elastic band 1x1: alternately 1 persons. item 1 and
out. P .
Head and trunk: type a brown thread
on spokes 46 p., knit people. smooth
29 rows. In the 30th row, tie together (not
counting edges) 1st and 2nd loops and further
every 3rd and 4th loops = 35 p. 31st and all
unspecified odd numbers knit straight
out. In the 32nd row,
2nd and 3rd items = 24 p. 33rd row - no reduction
. 34th row - tie together each 1-
th and 2 nd n. = 13 p. 35th row - no reduction.
The 36th row - from each loop,
(= loop the loop first at the front,
then behind the back wall) = 24 p. 38th row - from
for each second loop, 2 bytes = 35
P . 40th row - from each second loop,
2 n. x 8 times, the rest of the loop knit without
additions. 42nd row - bind 7 pt. without
additions, in the next 10 items from each
The second loop, 2 p. 44th row - knit
12 points without additions, in the next 6 items.
from each loop, 2 p., then - without
additions. 48th row - tie it together
17 th and 18 th p., 19 th and 20 th p. 50 th row -
tie it together 13-14th, 15-16th, 19-20th
and 21-22th loop. 52nd row - * tie one pt. ,
2 n. Together faces. *, Tie * - * 7 times, * tie
2 items, 2 items together *, repeat * - * to
end of the row. 54th row - tie 8 times to 2
P . Together, continue to the end of the series * 1
lits. p., 2 together persons. * 56th - tie those all up
hinges to 3
to go together
persons. Stretch the thread
through the remaining loops.
Embroider the nose, mouth and eyes.
Execute the side seam and
fill the head with a sintepon.
Hind legs: divide
lower edge of the trunk in 2 parts, count
from the edge of 11 points, dial 22 points, grabbing
loops through the loops of the lower edge
~ tricks. Knit the faces. the row 23 is smooth. 24-
and row - bind 1 pt, then knit 2 pt.
together to the end of the row. 25th row - knit
all loops of 2 n. together. 26th row - about 3
P . together. Pull the thread through the remaining
loops. The second paw tie in the same way
on the other hand. Fill with sintepon
trunk. Perform joints on the paws, simultaneously
filling with sintepon.
Front paws: dial 18 p., Knit
persons. smooth 19 rows. 20 th row - knit
1 persons. etc., then knit 2 n. together persons. before
end of the row. 22nd row - all loops of 2 together.
23rd row - * 3 p. Together persons. , 2 p. together
persons. *, repeat-that * - *. n drag the thread through
the remaining loops. Perform the side seam.
Tie the second hook the same way. Nabeyte
Details of sintepon and sew to the body.
Ears: crochet, type 2 air. 1st row
- Tie in 7 tbsp. c / n in the second from the hook loop.
2 nd row - 1 tbsp. b / n, 2 tbsp. b / n in one loop,
3 tbsp. b / n, 2 tbsp. b / n in one loop, 1 tbsp. b / n.
Sew your ears to your head.

Overalls Sleeves: dial 26 p., Knit the faces. smooth 17 rows. 18th row - * 2 persons. n., 2 n. together 13 l and c. *, knit * - * 6 times. 19th series - no reduction. 20th - * 2 persons. Sec., 2 etc., together *, tie * - * 6 times. 21st row - no reduction. 22nd row - tie all the loops together 2 together. The 23rd row - 3 points together x 2 times. About to pull thread through the remaining loops. Pants and main body: dial 6 pt., list 1 row of rel. loops and. In the second row from each Ptoli vyvazhite 3 items (1 p., 1 nakid, 1 item) = 12 p. 3rd row - new. P . 4th row - * from 1 st. remove 3 n., from the next loop - 2 n. *, repeat it * - * 6 times = 30 p. + 2 chrome. Next, knit 27 rows exactly, in this case in the 27th close the first two loops = 30 p. Transfer the loops to the auxiliary spoke. Tie the second leg similarly, in the 28th row close the first 2 P . = 28 p. Combine both legs and further knit with a single cloth. At the first leg in the 28th row also close the first 2 n. = 56 p. In the 42nd row, close 3 p. in the 43rd close the row 3 p. = 50 p. In the 46th row, knit 11 p., The remaining loops of this series leave unprinted and. Turn the work and knit another 11 rows (total 12). Then tie the next 28 items left row, twine as 12 rows. Remaining 11 p. Do the same. Thus we have armhole armholes. AT the next series on the all 3 pieces, tying 4 times 2 p. together: 10-11th, 12-13th, 38-39th and 40-41th points. In the following number of knit 1 p. and then repeat to the end of the series * 2 p. together, 1 item *. In the next close the 2 lines, then knit 2 sts. , then repeat until the end of the series * 2 points together, 4 p. *. In the next row, close 2 p. = 26 p. Next, knit the faces. smooth. Knit 15 rows straight. In the next row, those together the 9 th and 10 th p. , 17 th and 18 th p. Convey 1 row without depletion. In the next row them together, the 8th and 9th, the 16th and the 17th loop. Examine 1 row without decreasing yi. In the next row, tie together 7th and 8th, 15th and 16th petals. Convert 1 row without decrements. In the trail ...... , ..., ~~ the next row is tied in ~, on the 6th and 7th, 14th and 15th · ~ - • loops. Air 1 row without · Decreases. In the next pro- knit together the 5th and 6th, the 13th and the 14th loop. Air 1 row without decreases. In the next row, together 4 th and 5 th, 12 th and 13th loop. Spray those 1 row without reduction. In the following two rows tie all loops of 2 n. together. AT next row of those together 3 n. Thread through the remaining 3 p. For the edge strip evenly enter 54 p., knit 6 rows of elastic band 1x1. Close the hinges. "Ears": dial 10 p., Knit a handkerchief viscous. In the 1st row, add on both sides 1 pt = 12 p. In the 41st, 46th, 51st rows, together the first and second loops and the last nu yu and the penultimate loop, not counting edgeband. In the 53rd row, knit together 1st and 2nd and 3rd and 4th n. In the 54th, together 1 st and 2 nd n. Pull out the remaining 3 n. thread. Assembly: perform seams on the trousers, on the sleeves and on the bar. Sew buttons, sleeves and "ears".
Source : https://vk.com/lyubov_komkova_knitting

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