Amigurumi Bears Free Pattern

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Amigurumi Bear Materials:

Yarn Yarn Art Jeans.
Hook 3 mm.
It is knitted by one detail from below, starting from legs

Leg, body, head:
2 v. P., 6st. b/N.
6-A-B (12)
5 Rows of 12st.
Trim the thread, fasten.
Knit the second leg, then dial two VP, the soyed. With the first leg, tie in a circle 28th St. b/N.
The next row of 36 St: additions on the sides and three of the Prib. Front and rear legs.
Number 40 Art: 4 Prib. where the belly.
Change the thread.
5 rows of 40 art. And the second row knit behind the back wall of the loop.
Series 38 Art. (on the sides).
Series 38 Art.
Series 36 art. (on the sides).
Series 36 art.
Number 30 art. (4st., UB.-6times).
Number 24 art. (similar to the Ubavki).
Series 24art. Change the thread.
Number 18art. Next in each row we add on 6st., until we reach the 48 of the art.
Next 8 rows of 48 art.
Then with each row reduce to 6 art.
Stuffing, thread fasten, hide.

Knit the skirt behind the front wall of the loop of the first row, where 40 St: 2 St. S/N.

2 V.P., 6 St., a trace. Row 12 art. — 7 rows,
2 rows of 10 art.,
4 rows of 8 art.
Fasten the thread, leave it for stitching.

6 art., 12 art., 3 rows of 18 art.
Fasten the thread, leave it for stitching.

6 art., 12 art. -3 rows, 10 art. -2 rows, change the thread.
5 rows of 10 art.
Leave the thread for stitching.

I didn't invent a ponytail:)
Embroider the spout, sew the eyes.


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