Amigurumi Alien Bunny Free Pattern

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Knit bars without a throw.  "+ "-Raise,  "-" decrease. In parentheses the number of loops in this series

Leg: 1p. Ring of 6 loops say + 6 (12) 3r. + 6 (18) 4r. + 6 (24) Further 6 rows of 24 p.

The second leg is the same. Do not tear off the thread start to knit belly grabbing the second leg. On idea should get 48 loops, but I have turned 50, I have added two between legs that there was no big hole (at White Hare exactly 48 p. The difference is not noticeable). In general, it's like who's going to get it.

Belly: 1p (50) say-4 (46) It is necessary to reduce symmetrically closer to a side of a hare in 2 row between downsizing loops of 5 columns (further I will write so: Say.-4 (46) M5) 3r. (46) 4r. -4 (42) M 5 5 R. (42) 6r.-4 (38) M 4 7 R. (38) 8r. -4 (34) M 4 9 R. (34) 10r.-4 (30) M 3 11 R. (30) 12r. -4 (26) M 2 13 R. (26) 14r. -2 (24)

Neck: 4 rows of 24 loops.

Head: 1r. + 6 (30) add evenly throughout the series starting from the middle of the pass (butt) between the additions in this row must be 4 columns say + 6 (36) 3r. (36) 4r. + 6 (42) 5p (42) 6r. + 6 (48) 7r. (48) 8r. (48) 9r.-4 (44) cut over the side loops adding 10r. (44) 11r.-4 (40) 12r. (40) 13 p.-2 (38) 14r. (38) Continue to cut 2 loops through a series of up to 28 loops in a row (just 2 loops reduce 6 times) Two rows of 28 petpl.

Ear: Divide the row by 14 loops each ear knit separately. 3 rows of 14 loops. Next surcharge 2 loops through 2 rows to the total number of loops 24 another row of 24 loops. From the next row Sokrashaem four loops until the ear closes.

Hand: Ring 6 loops say + 6 (12) Next 15 rows (12) Then we shorten the tying by two loops before closing.

Tail: I'll try to describe the process of knitting crochet, if not clear will have to look online video lesson.

Besides a hook it is necessary a thick spoke or other suitable cylindrical surface (a marker for example) for the tails I used the spoke № 9

We dial 60 air loops Enter a hook in an aerial loop (as we start to tie a column without a throw) the working thread around the spokes, keen pull a loop and knit a column without a hitch. And so 60 times:) It turns out a ribbon with a fringe twist her roll gradually sewing with a thread get  "Ulitochku " On one side of the whole fringe with another flat circle. Sew to the Hare.

Nose and eyes made of felt.

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