Amigurumi Snowflake Girl Free Pattern

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The work is performed by the facial smoothness on 4 spokes.


Increase-from one facial to Knit 2 facial.

Ubava – 2 facial sores together.

Lace loop: The lace is located on the front side of the work, enter the spokes through the lace, then through the loop and pull 1 face loop in the usual way. (To do such an plumage is inconvenient, very hard and dense lace I got, so I made a lacy loop crochet, and already then wore this stubborn buttonhole on the spokes.)

For work you need white and blue acrylic threads, white threads-grass, a little lace.


Knit with white acrylic. All other details are knitted of blue thread.
Dial 6 loops and divide them into 3 spokes.

1r 6 persons. 6 Loops on Spokes

2 R. Prib. In each loop 12 p.

3r Prib., 1 persons. (3 times) 18 p.

4 R. Prib., 2 persons. (3x) 24 p.

5-12 the R. Projazazit persons. 24 p.

13r Ubawka, 2 persons. (3 times) 18p.

14 R. Ubawka, 1 persons. (3 times) 12p.

Stuffing the head of a snowflake with a holfayberom.

15r Ubavki 6p.

Stretch the thread through all 6 loops and tighten.

The head of our Snowy Lady is ready.


1r We type 6 loops on the spokes and we touch them.

2r add to Each loop 12p.

3-5 R. Front surface 12p.

6r Prib., 3 persons. (3 times) 15p.

7-8 R. Front surface 15p.

9r Prib., 4 persons. (3 times) 18p.

10-12 R. Obverse surface 18p.

13 R. Prib., 5 persons. (3 times) 21p.

14-16 R. Obverse surface 21p.

17 R. Prib., 6 persons. (3 times) 24p.

18-20 R. Front surface 24p.

21 R., 7 persons. (3 times) 27p.

22-24 R. Obverse surface 27p.

25 R. Prib., 8 persons. (3 times) 30p.

26-28 R. Front surface 30p.

29r Prib., 9persons. (3 times) 33 p.

30r Vjazazit Lace Lace loops

31-32 p. Obverse surface 33 p.

33 p. Prib., 10 persons., (3 times) 36 p.

34-36 p. Obverse surface 36 p.

Fill the torso with filler.

37 R. Forming the "tooth" of the soles of the dress: Ubavka, Scum (18 times)

38-39 p. Obverse surface 36 p.

40r Ubavka, 4 persons. (6 times) 30 p.

41 R. Front surface 30p.

42 R. Ubavka, 3persons. (6 times) 24p.

43 R. Ubavka, 2 persons. (6 times) 18p.

44 R. Ubawki 9p.

Stretch the thread through all 9 loops and tighten.

Lace on top of the torso.

Snow "arrows"-5 pieces.

It takes a lot of time to assemble the product. Everyone knows how hard this work is. So I prefer to knit on 4 spokes, not to make extra stitches. I have a one-piece snowflake, but if someone seems hard to tie a single detail, you can tie one long wand and 4 short, and then assemble together. I use a pin instead of an auxiliary spokes.

We collect 6 loops, distribute on 3 spokes

1-5 R. Obverse Surface 6p.

6r 1 persons. (2 loops to the Auxiliary spoke), 2 scale (2x) 6p.

7-14 R. Obverse Surface 6p.

15р. 1 persons. (2 loops to the Auxiliary spoke), 2 scale (2x) 6p.

16-21 R. Obverse Surface 6p.

The resulting tube can be slightly stuffed.

We cut the thread, stretch through all 6 loops and tighten.

Now let's move on to Vyvyazuju small archers snowflakes.

Remove 2 loops from the auxiliary spokes, along the perimeter of the hole get another 4 loops. There are 6 loops on the spokes.

Knit in a circle 10 rows of facial surface. I didn't fill the little teens.

Cut the thread, stretch through all 6 loops, tighten.

So we tie out all 4 small arrows.

Hands-2 Details

We collect 5 loops, distribute on 3 spokes.

We have 15 rows of facial surface.

Cut the thread, stretch through all 5 loops, tighten.

I'm not stuffing my hands.


It is knitted from a white "grass"

We collect 7 loops, distribute on 3 spokes.

We have 7 rows of facial smoothness.

Close the hinges. The clutch is ready. In order not to fall, I came to one hand.


 First, we put the snow "arrows" to the head.

Before I sew my head, I have made another such lace collar (just gathered on a thread lace). The head is nailed.

Hold your hands.

Decorate the face of the girl-snowflakes. Eyes can be embroidered, and can be made of beads. As a result, such a snow charm is obtaine

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