Knitting Coats Free Pattern

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A beautiful knitted coat with spokes of medium thickness yarn.

Knit the coat from the bottom up.

Top coats and pockets knitted pattern "blackberry binding", also on top of the coat are plaits knitted on the scheme given below.

On a waist The gum 1x1 is executed and the cord knitted on two stocking spokes is skipped.

The bottom of the coat and sleeves are knitted reverse gladyu.

On the center of sleeves of a fur braid from 6 loops as follows: Purl surface, 2 facial, 2iznanochnye, six facial, 2 purls, 2facial, purl surface. Twisting of 6 face loops (3х3) We do in every 7th row. The straps of the coat are knit with a binding of 7th loops.

Knitting coat knitting, diagrams:

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