How to Make Crochet Crown

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Here we have ... very soon a holiday! Christmas trees, carnivals and other fun. And, of course, ballroom dresses! About crystal shoes will not, it's all in fairy tales, but I advise you not to forget about the crown, it is an important element, because with the crown any of us is a queen!

For a start, we are looking for a knitted lace, now in the stores of this wealth is apparently invisible, so this is not a problem, do not you agree? Although an extremely tuned part of citizens can tie the desired piece of crochet. Now we measure the place where, as a result, the crown will be seated and we make the required diameter from the cardboard, wrap it with a food film to avoid sticking of the lace. And why it can stick? Because now we are good enough to imbue our openwork slice with PVA glue and then pull it onto the mold to dry. We leave for the night ...

The dried form is removed and painted with gold, what do you have? Can acrylic, and easier paint from cans

We get the hidden treasures from the boxes and start decorating

Yes, here's another, by the way, if you do not guess with the size and the crown slides on your nose, you can easily reduce it. We cut off exactly the extra centimeters and glue the ends of the lace end to end or overlap, as you like, with superglue.

Well? Holiday greetings?

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