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I'll tell you how I knitted this bear :) 

So, we'll need:

- yarn (boucle, I have Ice Yarns - Softly Curly (color brown), yarn "thick and bulky" - 100 grams 160 meters. The thinner the yarn, the less the teddy . 
- hook number 2 (always knit only this hook, but can be used for this type of yarn hook more); 
- filler (hollofayber or sintepon) 
- beads or eyes to process faces; 
- yarn acrylic "Scarce" - black (you can use any acrylic, cotton yarn of black color).

The head and the corpuscle (one detail):
1) We collect three EPs, connect them, then connect them 2BSN in each loop to 12SBN 
2) (1SBN, 1 addition) * 6 times to 18BNN 
3) To knit 3 rows of 18SBN 
4) We subtract a little, leaving a hole. 
The ears, the muzzle, the tail, the spout (the spout from the other yarn) = 3VP, in each we sew on 2SBN = 6CBN We 
decorate the face of the bear ... 
5) Neck - 12SBN (we continue to knit) 
6) (2 additions, 1CBN) we sew 8 times to 20SBN 
7) + 2 additions on a pussy = 22СБН 
8) We send 3 rows of 22 СБН 
9) We reduce, fill, close the 

paws - handles:
1) 4ВП, we tie in each loop on 2СБН = 8СБН 
2) 2 additions = 6СБН
3) 2ubavki = 4SBN, diminish, leaving a thread, to it to attach the tab to the calf 

Paws - legs:
1) 4VP, provyazyvaem each eyelet on 2SBN = 10SBN 
2) 2ubavki = 8SBN 
3) 3ubavki = 5SBN 
4) Provyazyvaem 4ryada by 5SBN 
5 ) We subtract, fill ... we leave a thread to attach the foot to the calf. 

We sew the legs to the calf: we sew the legs with legs so that the bear turns out to be in a sitting state (these paws are too small for the bear to stand on them ... I hope everything is clear explained :)) 

Good luck! 

VP - air loop 
SBN - column without a cushion 
"Add", "Pribavochka" = 2CBN in one loop; 
"Lose" = skip the RLS, tie it 1СБН.

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