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To create a giraffe, we will need favorite threads and a hook. I will knit with Jeans with orange color and a little bit of brown for hooves and horns. With a hook of 2.5 mm. I’ll fill the holofiber. For the neck, I use a wire (you can without it, just fill your neck tightly) 13-15 cm. For the peephole there is wool for felting white color and 2 small beads. For specks 10-13 buttons ( I will be asterisks). 
x-column without nakida 
(...) *? - selected in brackets to perform so many times 
[...] - the number of columns in the row 
Head and neck 
1p.6x [6] 
2p.6v [12] 
3p. (xV) * 6 [18 ] 
4p. (2xV) * 6 [24] 
5p. (3xV) * 6 [30] 
6p. (4xV) * 6 [36] 
7-8p.36x [36] -2 rows 
9p. 24x, to connect with the start of knitting, it turns out 2 halves 12x and 

24x 10-11p.24x [24] -2 rows 
12p. (3xV) * 6 [30] 
13p. (4xV) * 6 [36] 
14-15p.36x [36 ] 
16p. (4xA) * 6 [30] 
17p. (3xA) * 6 [24] 
18p. (2xA) * 6 [18] Head up 
19p. (XA) * 6 [12] 
20p.6A [6] 

Red with a dash marked the beginning of knitting of the neck 
. Thread the thread to half of 12x 
1-14p.12x [12] -15 rows 
15p. (3xV) * 3 [15] Fill the neck with a bit of filler. If you do without a wire, fill tightly. 
16p.15x [15] 
17p. (4xV) * 3 [18] 
18p.18x [18] 
19p. (2xV) * 6 [24] 
20p. (3xV) * 6 [30] 
21p. (4xV) * 6 [ 36] 
22p. (5xV) * 6 [42] 
23p. (6xV) * 6 [48] 
24-28p.48x [48] - 5pages 
29p. (6xA) * 6 [42] 
30p. (5xA) * 6 [ 36] 
31p. (4xA) * 6 [24] Insert the wire. I have 15 cm. 
This is how the wire is inside the toy 
The advantage of the wire in the toy: you can change the turn and tilt of the head, change the bend of the neck, etc. 
Bend to tilt the head and make a loop at the base of the neck. 
This is how the wire inside the toy looks after all the  
bends are 32p. (3xA) * 6 [18]
33p. (2xA) * 6 [12] 
34p. (XA) * 6 [6] 
Legs (4pcs) 
1p.6x [6] brown or black thread 
2p.6V [12] 
3p.12x [12] 
4-8p.12x [12] -6 rows (the thread of the primary color) 
Leave the tip of the thread 15cm, then use them for the tail;) 
The legs tightly fill the 

Ears (2pcs) with the thread of the primary color 
1p.5x [5] 
2p.5V [10 ] 
3-8p.10x [10] -6 rows 

Horns (2pcs) brown-black thread 
1p.5x [5] 
2-7p.5x [5] -6 rows 

I get these details 
Let's start the assembly-design! 

We sew the legs to the bottom of the body, but do not cut the strings, but bring them to the designated place for the tail
We fold the ears in half and connect the edges. 
We try on and sew ears and horns on the head of a giraffe. 
I do not throw out the tips of the threads from the horns, but tie them to the tail: 7: We braid the tail with a pigtail. 
I roll my eyes and sew beads on my pupils. You can cut out the protein for the peepholes from felt or knit, which is more convenient and accessible for you. 
Embroider ulybochku and edge. 
We sew on the body spots. I have buttons-stars. You can tie or cut out of felt circles, flowers, hearts ... that you like more. 

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