Amigurumi Little Snake Free Pattern

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Snake is a symbol of the year 2013.
Until the new year for three more months, but many have started to knit snakes. 
The production of a large snake takes an average hour, a small-30 minutes.

We will need:
Yarn that you like (approx. 250-300 m/100 gr.)
Hook № 3
Eye beads
Insulation wire
Needle with large ear (for stitching)

VP-Air Loop
PRSs-a column with a scale
SS-Connecting Column
Ave. – The increase
UB – Ubava

Big snake

Fits like a regular ball
1) 6 in the Amaguumi ring
2) 6 ol (12)
3) 1 SBN, D-6 times (18)
4) 2 SBN, D-6 times (24)
5) 3 SBN, D-6 times (30)
6) 4 SBN, D-6 times (36 in)
7) 5 SBN, D-6 times (42 in)
8-14) (7 rows) unchanged (42)
15) 5 SBN, UB-6 times (36 in)
16) 4 SBN, UB-6 times (30)
17) 3 SBN, UB-6 times (24)
18) 2 SBN, UB-6 times (18)
Fill the part with filler
19) 1 SBN, UB-6 times (12)
20) 6 UB. (6) SS
Loops are not bind
1) 6 in the Amaguumi ring
2) unchanged
3) 6 ol (12)
4-50) 46 Series unchanged
should be 20 cm. in length.
Leave the thread for the stitching and dragging of the eye and the mouth
In the trunk insert the wire and fill the filler (not very much, just to hold the volume)
1) 6 in the Amaguumi ring
2) 6 D (12) SS
3) unchanged 

We recruit 10 VP (main chain)
We have 4 hooks starting from the 2nd p. from the hook
We recruit another 5 VP
We have 4 hooks starting from the 2nd p. from the hook
Continue knitting on the main chain: 5 SBN. 

The head is pressed to the torso. With the same thread with a needle we tighten places for eyes and a rottika. The eyes and beads are nailed. We make freckles and at the request of the Hoholok on the top. Twist the tail))) 


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