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 Since, at the request of the daughter, the bear had gotten involved, she needed clothes. An indispensable condition was that the dress was removed.

   I did not become wise, and I tied a simple sarafan with one button.
  As already said, I stopped on the simple idea of ​​a sarafan with two "wings". You can do one more, and dividing it in half, sew on the center to the dress itself.

   This is what should happen:

Knit so:


   The threads were taken a little fatter than those of which the bear cub was knitting. Labels have long been lost, I can only say that pure cotton. Knitted with the same crochet, №1.25.

   We type a chain of 5.5 cm in length with white thread; this is the length of the strap itself. I got 18 air loops + 1 to lift = 19vp.

1 row - white thread knit all the columns without nakida. We leave the thread, do not cut it off.

2 row, we insert a pink thread and in each loop we sew 2 columns with 2 nakidami.

3 rows, we knit 6 air loops with a pink thread and connect them in one loop without columns. (Only for the first time we knit not 6, but 7 VP). We cut the thread.

4 row - back to the white thread. We tie it with single crochet poles before the beginning of the last row. Now each time, we dial 4 air loops and join the connecting bars in each previous petal-bridge. (again, only for the first time we type not 4, but 5 points). Close, cut the thread.

   So knit 2 sleeves-wing. If we want another model with one wing-throat, then immediately dial not 18 + 1 vp, but 36 + 1 = 37 sts. Only it is better to try on clothes anyway as knitting to the toy. I'm just telling the principle of knitting, and you can calculate the number of loops. It's all easy.

The dress itself:

   We collect the number of loops that fit into the chest circumference of the bear (measured around the body of a bear cub with a centimeter, raising his paws, nothing tricky :)).

   At me it is 16 sm = 60вп + 1 on rise = 61 vp.

   All the dress is knitted in pink and only in the last row is white.

1 row, we knit all the loops with 1 crochet.

2 row-weave the columns with 2 nakidami. Through one loop we knit 2 posts with 2 nakidami, ie in one loop-2 posts, then pass.

3 row - air loops. 4vp through the loop connecting bars.

4 rows - 3 posts with 2 nacs in each petal.

5 row - air loops. 4bn through one loop connecting.

6 row- 2 columns with 3 crochets in each petal.

7 row - air loops. 6vp through 1 connecting loop (except for the first 7vp). Thread cut off.

8 row- enter the white color. Knit with air loops. 4vp in each petal (except for the first time- 5vp there.). All.

   Hide the tips of the threads. In the center of the bodice we sew the wings, in the place of their joint we sew a bow. We also sew wings on the back, symmetrically, closer to the edges. The main thing is to try on a bear and check that the legs are easy to enter the sleeves and the child does not suffer, dressing up the toy. We select a button, sew, and the loop is not necessary, the button and so fastens because of the binding :)


  The dress took a little bit of night time :) Everything is easy and simple. I hope someone will come in handy. Since I know that being quite a newcomer in knitting, she herself was tormented, did not know how to dress the first toy. After all, it is important for children that clothes are removed, and not only be beautiful. By a child this sarafan is approved and other colors are already ordered :)
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