Amigurumi Cat Face Tutorial

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We will need: 
· Yarn: the main color and white (for the eye). As the main one you can take absolutely any yarn, Shlepkin will always work. Now (for clarity) we will knit from the "Children's novelty" (200 m / 50 g) of light green color))) 
· Filler 
· Beads for the eyes 
· Thread for the embroidery of the nose 
· Hook (I have No. 3), needle for stitching 

· N. - loop 
· cp - air loop 
· sbn - column without a crochet 
· pr -add (in one loop of the previous row we sew 2 sb) 
· уб - reduction (two loops we tie together) By the way, so that the decrease was not noticeable, I sew for the front half loops)))

Torso and legs (knit 
together in one detail) 1) A chain of 11 v. 
2) From the hook, we knit 2 sb (i.e., etc.), 8 sb, 4 sb in one loop (so we are on the other side), 8 sb, pr (24) 
3) 2 pr, 8 sbn, 4 pr., 8 sbn, 2 pr. (32) 
4) 15 sb, pr, 15 sb, pr (34) 
5) 16 sb, pr, 16 sb, pr (36) 
6) 17 sb , 17 sb, pr (38) 
7) 18 sb, pr, 18 sbn, pr (40) 
8) 16 sb, pr, 19 sb, pr (42) 
9) 20 sb, pr, 20 cms, etc. (44 ) 
10) 21 sb, pr, 21 sb, pr (46) make a note 
11) unchanged (46) 
12) 22 sb, pr, 22 sb, pr (48) to move the note 
13) unchanged (48) 
14 ) 23 сбн, пр, 23 сбн, пр (50) To move the mark
15) 15 - 17 (3 rows) unchanged (50) 
18) 23 сбн, уб, 23 сбн, уб. (48) 
19) 22 сбн, уб, 22 сбн, уб. (46) 
20) unchanged (46) 
21) 28 sb, count back 6 loops and connect with the 7th: we sew up the foot 

Our foot knits on 6 loops. Next, we knit 2 small ryadochka unchanged (i.e. 12 sb), then 2 sb, ub, 2 sb (i.e., we make the outer side of the foot). We cut off the thread, pass through the back half-loops, tighten, we hide the thread inside. 

Similarly, we knit the second foot. 

Ears (knit in the same loop):
At the very edge of the vertex from the side, attach the thread and tie it 3 bp, make 2 capes on the hook, tie the first cape, then three remaining loops tie together, Cut the thread is not very short and pass it through a chain of air loops, hide inside. 

Upper feet (2 pcs.) 
6 сбн. in the ring amigurumi, 15 sb (2.5 laps), ub, 1 sbn. 
The thread is left for sewing and the 

tail is cut off 
20 tp. in the second point from the hook 3 sbn, 18 sb. Leave the thread for sewing and trim. 

Eyes (2 pieces): 
1) 6 сбн. in the ring amigurumi 

2) 6 pr (12) 

3) 1 sb, pr. - 6 times (18) 

If you knit from the yarn thicker, then the eyes can also be made larger. To do this, add another row (2 sb, pr - 6 times)

We sew the eyes face-to-face. Since the front is visible from the spiral of the furrows. Here's to compare the front and the underside of the side. 

Fill the filler. Do not tightly fill. Kitty should look flat))) Close the seam. Sew here like this: 

Sew the upper paws 
Sew the tail. You can sew it where you want, but I usually count 5 rows from the seam and sew to the sixth - right in the middle))) 

Sew our eyes 
Sew the beads. 
We decorate the face. Who likes it)))

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