Amigurumi Goldenfish

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We type five air loops.  The first row and all the following details of the tail are knitted with half-columns.  I dial one loop and go back on the second side.  On the side of the knitting is visible pigtail.   We continue to knit just behind the front wall of the chain. At the turn we dial an air loop, at the end we loosen two loops.    With such a knitting, the leaf turns out to be faceted.   We make two leaves on five loops.  And one on fifteen loops.  Here they are together.  We collect air loops at the edge of the leaves. Then connect them and knit half-poles.  We send one cm and distribute it. Two columns with a crochet, three air loops, two columns with a crochet, three air loops, etc.

Then in a chain of air loops knit twelve columns with two nakidami, fix between the columns with a single nakidom.Poluchaem six shells.   Immediately tied these shells in a different color (not necessarily).  I connect the ends of the shells, picking up new loops, distributing them also two columns with one overhang, three air loops, etc.  I do a series of seashells again.  Here is the second row of shells ready.  We repeat everything and get the third row.  We knit the muzzle of the fish. At the beginning, we then increase it by tapering two loops from each side as the mittens finish.  Let's go to knitting the eyes. For the pupil, we sew three loops with brown threads and connect them.  Between the loops we insert one loop and attach the white thread and also increase through the eye loop.

We knit an orange thread, enlarging the eye through two loops.   We irradiate one row without increasing, then begin to decrease through three loops then through two loops. The reverse side of the eye.  I fill the hole with the proklamin and tighten it.   Gradually I fill the fish with a proklamin, I sew my eyes, I tie my mouth. Finally a ready fish.  The reverse side of it.  The master class did on an orange fish, but the first was a red fish.  And together.

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