Amigurumi Mini Dachshund Free Pattern

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On the eve of the new Year I want to make a small gift for everyone-a master class of small dachshund.


The SBN is a non-lime column
VP-Air Loop
OL-Raise, to knit 2 columns from one loop of the previous row
UB-Ubava, two columns to hang together
 CA is an Amaguumi ring.


 Iris Brown, Black iris (a bit);
Hook № 1;
Filler-Hollofayber or synthepon;
 Plastic beads, diameter 2 mm, for eyes;
bow on the neck;
 Needle for stitching.

The difficulty level is easy. All details are knitting in a spiral. When using these materials, the TAKSA is 8 cm long, 6 cm high.


1p 6
2p 6 d (12p)
3r (RBR, D) × 6x (18p)
4r (2 SBN, D) × 6 times (24p)
5r (3 SBN, D) × 6 times (30p)
6-11 P 30 SBN 6 rows
12p (SBN, UB) × 6 times, 12 Rн (24p)
13p 6 UB, 12 SBN (18p)
14r 1 SBN, 3 D, 14 rн (21p)
15р 21
16r (5 SBN, UB) * 3 times (18p)
17r (4 SBN, UB) * 3 times (15p), stuffing
18r 15 SBN
19r (3 SBN, u0 * 3 times (12p)
20R (2 SBN, UB) * 3 times (9p)
21R (1 SBN, UB) * 3x (6p), finish stuffing, change thread to black
22r 6 SBN
23р 6d (12p)
24r 6ub (6p), loops reduce to close, thread fasten, trim, hide inside the part.


1p 6
2p 6 d (12p)
3r (Sat, D) × 6 times (18p)
4r (2 SBN, D) × 6 times (24p)
5r (3 SBN, D) × 6 times (30p)
6r (4 pcs., d) × 6 times (36 p)
7-8 p 36 of 2 rows
9r (SBN, UB) × 6 times, 18 SBN (30p)
10p 30 SBN
11R (3 SBN, UB) × 6 times (24p)
13p 24 SBN
14r (6 SBN, UB) × 3 times (21p)
15-22 p 21 of 8 series
23R (5 SBN, UB) * 3x (18p), stuffing
24r (1 SBN, UB) * 6 times (12p)
25r 6ub (6p), fill to the end, loops reduce to close, thread trim, leaving a long enough end to stitch parts.

Ears (2 pcs.)

1r 6SBN in CA
2p 6 d (12p)
3r (3, D) × 3 times (15p)
4r 15 SBN
5r (3 SBN, UB) × 3 times (12p)
6r (2 SBN, UB) × 3 times (9p)
7-10 p 9 of 4 rows
11R (SBN, UB) × 3 times (6p)

Fold in half, bind, thread trim, fasten, hiding inside the part.

Paws (4 pcs.).

1p 6
2p 6 d (12p)
3r (Sat, D) × 6 times (18p)
4-5 P 18 2 rows
6r 6 UB, 6 SBN (12p)
7r 3 UB, 6 SBN (9p)
8-10 P 9 of the 3d series, stuffing tightly
12p (SBN, UB) × 3 times (6p)

Reduce to closure, thread trim, fasten, hiding inside the part.


4SBN in Ka, knit in a circle of 20 SBN (5 rows), loops bind, thread fasten, trim, hiding inside the tail.


We put the head to a wider part of the trunk, we plan a place for ears, Prišhivayem. Sew the beads of eyes, embroider eyebrows.
We stick the legs to the body, pushing the body together with the legs through, the tail is nailed.
We tie a bow on the neck.

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