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These roses can be used in the technique of Irish or inlaid lace. 

Start with knitting the middle of a rose. 

Bind a ring of 18 VP with 30 sc (1). 
Next, perform the upper tier of the petals in two stages (2). 
First make arches from VP: 8 VP, 1 S1H, 6 VP, 1 S1H, 6 VP, 1 S1H, 8 VP, S1H, 5 VP, S1H, 5 VP, 
S1H, 5 VP, S1H, 8 VP, SBN. 

Then tie the arches as follows (3): 
1st arch: 1 sc, C1H, 1 sc, 
2nd, 3rd and 4th arches: 1CBN, 1C1H, 6 C2H 6 times, 1 C1H, 1 sc 

5th arch: 1 sc, 4 C1H, 1 sc. 

6th, 7th, 8th arches: 1СБН, 1 С1Н, 6 С2Н, 1 С1Н, 1 сБН. Connecting columns move 
1.5 leaves back and begin to knot out the bud.

On a chain of 20 VP, link: * 5 С2Н, 5 С1Н, 6 СНН * (photo 4-6). 
With a connecting loop, attach yourself to the petal of the 1st tier of the rose, turn the work and knit one more 
row just like the previous one, only in ascending order of the height of the posts and tying all the 
posts behind the back half-loop. 
Under the “body” of the last C2H of the previous row, perform 5 C2H (middle of the bud), 
knit the second side in the same way, but in descending order of the height of the posts. 
At the end of a row n. turn the work and tie another one or two rows similar to the previous one, 
tying up 2 columns from one for rounding the bud. 

Tie the last row of SBs so that the web at the corner does not tighten - knit two in one 
loop (7-9).

With connecting loops, go back to the middle of the rosebud and from there knit the base for the 
petals of the 2nd tier: 6 arches of 7 VP, 1 C1H attachment to the columns of the previous row (10). 
Bind each arch, forming petals: 1 sc, 7 C1H, 6 sc. Then tie the base for the 3rd tier 
of 5 petals (11): 10 VP attach the connection. loop to the nearest stitch of the petal of the 2nd tier, 
* the following 18 VP attach C1H above S1H, having passed 2 petals of the previous row *. Repeat 2 more times. 
The last 10 VP attach attach. loop to the last column tying the petals of the previous row (12). 

Bind the petals of the 3rd tier as follows: 1st petal: 1СБН, 10 С1Н, 1 СНН. 
The following 3 petals: 1 sc, 20 c1h, 1 sc.

Bind the 1st petal as the 1st. Decorate the rose by straightening it in “stride step”: first, the petals of the 2nd and 3rd 
tiers, then the veinlets on the body of the rose and last of all the petals of the 1st tier of the rose (13). To hide 
the joints, try to fasten loops of petals and tied tops of the veins when tying. 

Master class by Elena Yudina from Mod magazine.

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/sama_lubov/post395094653/

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