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We buy thin rezinochki, they are processed from above, as if with threads. They are on coils, I put a needle with a big eye and sew from the inside out with small stitches, so I try to have smaller stitches on the front side. And so rows 5-6. time. First, simply combining it with the main yarn. The result, of course, will be reliable. True, in this case, the finished cuffs or waistband will turn out to be denser than the rest of the canvas, and the consumption of thread-elastic will seriously increase. To avoid this, it is sufficient to simply lay the elastic band on the wrong side and fasten it between the eyelets. 

It is best to insert a thicker rubber thread into the knit gum. This can be done with a blunt needle or crochet. Just pull the thread through the front loops or crochet fastening loops with a hook, but not through the entire loop, but into one half. If you stretch the thread through the entire loop, it may turn out that this thread will be visible from the outside. Along the edges of the rubber thread tie to the edge loops. Depending on the width of the gum pave 4-6 such rows, at equal distances from each other. 

In the 1 x 1 rubber band, lay the thread on the wrong side with equal intervals through the halves of all the loops. Tie the thread to the edge loop or attach to the seam. 

Or crochet fastening loops.

In the 2 x 2 elastic band, the first and the last link of the front loop is always captured, both when sewing with a needle and when crocheting.

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