Scarf shishigami knit

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Something began to get cold. 
Is it time to warm 
hands, head and neck? 
I'll connect everything, I can do everything.
The plans were to knit a scarf like this: 
But, to the great regret, the scheme was not defined.

So, for the beginning of knitting we need yarn with a footprint of approximately 130-170 meters per 50gram.
The pattern is dense, the yarn consumption is quite serious. On a scarf with a width of 5 shishechek - 1 row, 4 lishechki (between the shishechkami 1st row), the 2nd row will take about 250 grams. However, thanks to this pattern, the scarf turns out to be voluminous, dense and warm, the

Scheme, according to which we will knit:

I have a hook number 4, Pechorka's yarn "Children's" 175m / 50grams. 
After measuring the samples, I decided to knit a scarf with an approximate width of about 20-23 cm, and a length of 120-130 cm + fringe. 

At me it is typed 48 in. item + 4 in. etc. for lifting 
after lifting, we collect 6 unfinished csn from the same loop base, Having kneaded all unfinished columns, always do one air. a loop for fastening the "knob". 

My 1st row consists of 5 bumps.
The second row is knitted according to the same principle, the knobs are tied between the knobs of the 1st row (checkerboard order), respectively, in the 2nd row of the four knobs. 

Next, the knitting is repeated according to the pattern, alternating the 1st and 2nd rows. 

I currently have about 70 cm of 100gr. yarn 

At the end of knitting, the scarf will be padded along the edges with fringe. I like the proposal Tatyanka 1980 to complement the scarf with a fringe on this principle: 
because the scarf is very bulky, and a special embellishment will be superfluous. But to leave the scarf completely without fringe seems unfinished to me.

As of 12.10.12 all 133 cm of scarf is 

connected : Promised to show from behind, that's how it looks from inside me, dimples where there are shis:

And so if you take in your hands: 

All the same, there seems to be a lot of free space, but it looks very tight on the neck! 
The yarn is out. Tomorrow I'll buy more, and I'll see if I need more rows. And - ahead of the finish of the scarf. 
12.10.12-I bought the cord. 
I experimented, and here's the result - I will not tie the fringe, leave it with tassels, it looks good, and - the edges of the scarf are placed under the outer garments with a triangular neckline (in my case, one end of the scarf is removed inside the coat.) 
Here is the result: The 

brushes are made this way: 
Measured 8 strings of 60 cm, and like this

In addition, I want to say that the scarf turns out to be very profitable for creating sets, there are a lot of caps and berets with a pattern of bumps, or lush columns, which look quite similar in appearance, for example, recently connected here in the group takes: 
https: //www.stranamam. ru / post / 3957340 /
In the version separate from the headdress, the scarf looks not less actual. 
The description for knitting did the 1st time, I ask you not to judge strictly, I hope that someone will help it, and the scarf will knit in pleasure.

Request - in the description for the scarf insert a brief description (yarn, hook number, sizes). Thanks a lot, everyone!

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