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My eternal problem is finding the right eye for toys. Usually simple toys for a daughter are enough for ordinary plastic eye peepholes, but when you want to make a toy "with an expression", you have to think hard. Because the choice of peepholes for dolls in our stores is small, to order through the Internet - an expectation that does not always suit me and again - not always the necessary colors-the sizes are there, and the eyes of salted dough or hand-painted glass are beautiful, but not suitable for toys that children play - dry cleaning will not do, and washing for them is contraindicated. And then her daughter asked to tie her a little thing. And for a whole month the bound freak was waiting for me to come up with his eyes. I did not find the right size and color in online stores. And now, after a month of nocturnal thoughts, it dawned on me!  
This note, in fact, and the master class is difficult to name, so everything is simple. Maybe my invention will be useful for you!

What do you need:

- Knitting threads (fabric, felt)

- flat glass pebbles

- glue "Moment-gel"

- scissors

- Crochet hook

We buy regular transparent glass pebbles-cabochons (we sell them in pet stores, "Fix-price" stores, craft shops) in the store. They are inexpensive, come in different sizes and colors. 

Knit crochet iris - the usual circle of the desired color, the diameter of the base of the pebble. You can cut the iris from the fabric.

Cut out black felt (satin, cotton, fleece) circle-pupil.

We glue the pupil to the iris with the glue "Moment-gel"

Glue on top with the same glue pebble.

All. If you want to - sew so, you want - decorate with cloth for ages, like this horse (she really has a glazik without a pupil, just a blue pebble).

If my eye fantasies are useful to someone - I will be very happy. 

Good luck to all in creativity and yes, inspiration will not leave you! 

PS The upper eye in the first photo was a day after gluing, washed first with soap, then with powder. In the photo it is already washed and dried.

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