Step by Step Amigurumi Doll

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The doll is crocheted.
List of materials and all necessary:
Yarn Alize Baby Wool
* White, beige-this is the main.
+ red for Ukrainians, or other color for a simple doll dress.
* Yarn for hair. I have a black little curly. 
* White thread begonia from yarn art.
* Thread for embroidery floss red and black.
* Canvas for Front Ukrainka
* Colored Ribbons
* Beads for beads and just decorate Kukljahu
* Holofajber for packing
* Hook 1.9 (I knitting 1.9, my sister knits 2.5 crochet. I love the tighter knitting, so as for me 1.9-2 perfect hook size)
Needle. For stitching parts, for embroidery and bead needle (i thread vans)
* Good mood))

Head and body one detail.
Start with the head. Knitting with a beige thread. In the process of knitting do not forget to stuff the Holofajberom doll))

1 2 VP, second off the hook 6SBN
2 in each of 2 PRS = 12
3 in each 2 by 2SBN = 18
4 in each 3 to 2 PRS = 24
5 in each 4 to 2 PRS = 30
6 in each 5 to 2 PRS = 36
7 in each 6 to 2 PRS = 42
8-9-10-11 to 1 PRs in a circle without additions  
More decreases  
12. Every 6 in 2 = 36  
13. Every 5 in 2 = 30  
14. Every 4 in 2 = 24  
15. Every 3 in 2 = 18  
16. Every 2 in 2 = 12  
17. Two decreases from opposite sides-10 PRS  
18-19 knitting in a circle on 1SBN. is the neck))

Body: Change the thread to white  
1. Two increments on opposite sides-12 PRS  
2. In each 2 by 2SBN = 18  
3. Round without additions  
4. In each 3 by 2SBN = 24  
5-6 without additions in a circle.  
7 in each 4 to 2 PRS = 30
8 two increments on the sides of the calf-32
9. Knit in a circle behind the floor pigtails (for the far wall. In this place we will sew skirt.)  

Then it will look like this

Or if it is just a doll and not a Ukrainian then knit for the front of the pigtail-with raises in each 4 in the first and third row and further as necessary-it will be immediately and then
Photo Dresses and priests

10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18 Round 
I sew flat. As the bottom of the bag with potatoes   

It turns out like this))
I when knitting I sometimes want to make someone more chubby, or leggy and I almost describe me in the process. You can see that puzjashki a little different. The same with the legs, etc. Will be seen on the photo next))


1.2vp. 2 from Hook knit 6 prs  
2. Two increments (from opposite sides) = 8
3. Knit on one PRS and in 7 loop-a lush column-finger will be = 8
4. Knit one, one decrease over the finger = 7 
5.5-6-7-8-9-10 in a circle.  Beat the handle.
6 three decreases and steal))  

Leg with Boots))  
Classic legs like paws at Bears Tally 

Red Thread:  
1.5VP in the extreme loops of three PRS  
2. Three raises at the edges. (should be 16 PRS)  
3. Circle  
4. Four decreases (this is the sock boots) further on one  
5. One decrease there on over Nosochkom boots. Next one  
6-7-8 one at a.  
Changing the filament to beige.  
9-18 series of 1 PRs. 

If it is just a doll, then immediately knit beige thread and all

I first collect the doll-legs of the hand and then sew the skirt) 

Skirt.  Knitting crochet Skirt № 2.5. Knitting not tight))
We recruit 32 EAP. (The hinges of the skirt depend on how many loops were on the body. Before I knit my skirt count those loops from a pigtail where I will sew a skirt) we lock in a circle-and then to whom what skirt it is necessary and knitting. I make a raise in the 2-4-6 row, about every 4 loop Provjazyvaju on 2SBN.
At the end of the skirt Obvjazyvaju white thin thread

Embroider and sew the apron to the skirt.
I have an asterisk simplified... I didn't paint it...
Simplified this

More interesting and unexplainable... Hair..
With the help of pins pretends where there will be a line of hair and with the help of a needle with a blunt end sew a doll hair

All the tails hide in the back of the head

And so simple stitches make bangs left and right-alternately

And then in a circle carefully sheathe devule hairs))
Then we make a future scythe-or can someone make a ponytail... 
Separately Otmatyvam a pair of strings (that would braid Braid) and gently left or right extend hook through the loop of the floor of the beam...

All.. Goes braid to priests  
And decorate the hair who wants)) wreaths, just roses or other flowers, just ribbons, etc.))

Embroider black floss eyes.

NANIZYVAEM beads on a thread and form Vans doll. 

The doll is ready:D 

Like everything. Oops 
I will be glad, very much if something will be decided to tie and I would be very grateful if I show.. I will know that my work was not vain. 

Doll story: I love teddy Bears-Zaek... But the sister and her husband make all sorts of wooden furniture for dolls... And I was nailed to a doll for a long time. So I looked all sorts of dolls and Ukrainians in the Internet and linked something common))

Many photos of dolls from different angles 8)

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/saraeva_ekaterina/post407071557/

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