Amigurumi Sparrow Free Pattern

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Here is the scheme I found. 

As you can see the bird here turns out, very plump, and the parrot more elongated. In order to give it this shape I'm starting from 11 rows to 13 knitted on 36 loops. And in 14 added not to 44, and to 40 loops. In the 16th row, respectively, instead of 48, I had 44 loops. But to the 18th row I came out as on the scheme to 52 loop and had on 52 loops not until the 21st, and to the 22nd row inclusive. After fade I also did a smoother not in each row, as on the scheme, and tying after each subtraction the next row without changes. For example 23 (on the diagram it is 22 series, 48 loops and 23 also 48). And where on the diagram there are sharp decreases for example on the scheme is 25 row there unbroken through 8 loops, and in 26 already through 2, and I made smoother first on 6 decrease, and then already on 2 loops.) Before you start to intensively subtract on 2 loops you should have 33 of a row tied up. Then we finish as on the diagram. And now wings in wings I on the basic round part have connected on a row more, because also the bird at me has become more elongated. And on the part of the wing-feathers. I tied first on a row more bars without a cast, not only that, I did not become a staple detail folded it in half, and joined them Provjazav posts with Crochets, which further changed the wing. Now about the tail. The tail I knitted so, to 3 series on a scheme, and then 4 a row also 12 loops, in 5 row reduce number of loops to 10 and knit 10 rows. Then begin to add, at the beginning 2 loops. We leave on 12 loops, then in the next row surcharge so (2STB, 2 STB in a loop) and so adding knit 6 more rows and all tail is ready. When I was doing my eyes, before I sew the beads pulled the eyes hooked the thread behind the loops of one eye and pulling it into place the second and tightening fastened the thread. I mean, how would pulled them to each other. Also I enclose the photo which I have found on Osinke on my, by the way I now remember the scheme, Ptah also on my osinki. I'm changing the circuit oriented to wavy parrots with this photo. and Paws I did so took the wire cut off small pieces, bent them in half and taped thread, then came to the abdomen. The ends of the wire do not wrapped stick out like a claws. And behind such a loop as Razukras turned out. I understand the description of confusing, but I'm doing it for the first time. So that if that you don't hesitate, ask. Here is another detail, when I prishivala wings, then came them only on the sides and top, and underneath they are not sewn and there I hit a piece of Saw.

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