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Jumping jellyfish -

master class for such a toy




I found a master class without a crochet or description scheme, but it seems to me that the toy is funny and very simple - it is enough for its implementation))

The language of the original message is English. At the end of the post a link to the site.

I hope that you will come in handy))) I'm so sure! For a long time I dream to connect "sea aquarium"))) While I collect for him "heroes"))))

Good luck))

You need to crochet in the back loops only for a particular row. I love how Ana Paula Rimoli included this when she was planning.

Head / body is stuffed and ready to go! Safety eyes have been attached and cute smile has been embroidered :)

Next up I went around and crocheted this "wavy, skirt-looking thing" onto the head / body. It gives a delightful scalloped edge. This jellyfish looks like a sunflower from the bottom!

Here is a view of the scalloped edging from the top:

Then I crocheted the three inner tentacles and six outer tentacles. I love how twirly and curly the outer tentacles are!

Jellyfish after the three inner tentacles:

I then attached the six outer tentacles, spacing them evenly around the inner tentacles.

Ta-da! And here is Jellyfish with all the tentacles attached!

The tentacles give Jellyfish so much texture! Jellyfish is itching to put those tentacles to good use ...

And so, next we have a series of six pictures showing our amigurumi  Jumpin 'Jellyfish !

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