Cute knitted kitty and bunny

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List of required materials: 

1. Yarn Gazzal baby cotton (60% cotton, 40% acrylic, 50g, 165m) of the primary color half of a skein and not many additional colors. 
2. Hook under your yarn. I have number 1.75 main and number 2 for clothes. 
3. Cotter pins: T-pin (size 2x20) - 4pcs, O-cotter pin (size 2x25) - 2pcs .; Wheels: 15mm - 4pcs. for pens, 18mm - 4 pcs. for legs, 22mm - 2pcs for head attachment; washers - 10pcs. 
4. Filler (sintepukh, holofiber or swan's down). 
5. Screw eyes with a diameter of 10mm. 
6. A strong thread for utyazhki, needle, safety pins, scissors. 
7. Kruglogubtsy. 
8. Clay Moment Crystal. 
9. Dry pastels for tinting or any other means of tinting you are familiar with (optional), eyelashes for dolls (optional).
10. Floss for embroidery noses and eyebrows. 
11. Buttons for a dress, attached buttons with a diameter of 7 mm (for shoes). 

Stage 1 
Legend: KA - Amigurumi
ring ; Pr - increase; Ub - subtraction; Wp - air loop; CBN - single crochet; CC - connecting column; Psn - semi-column with a crochet; Ссн - double crochet; (sbn, pr) x N - repeat knitting N times; p / pp - knit for the front half loops; s / nn - knit in the rear half loops. All parts fit in a spiral, without a lifting loop, unless otherwise stated in the description. Legs (the marker passes on the heel) We begin to knit socks:

1p - 5vp, knit with the second loop from the hook 3sbn, 3sbn to 1, unfold knitting and continue to knit on the other side of the chain 2sbn, pr (10sbn) 
2p - pr, 2sbn, 3pr, 2sbn, 2pr (16sbn) 
3r - sbn, pr , 3sbn, (sbn, pr) x 3, 5sbn (20sbn) 
4-6r -20sbn 
7r - sbn, ub, 3sbn, (sbn, ub) x 3, 3sbn, ub (15sbn) 
8p - 4sbn, 3ub, 5sbn ( 12sbn) 
9-11r - 12sbn 
* for a bunny socks higher (9-13 lines) 
for the order of the 11th row to knit (sbn, 4sbn in 1) x in a circle We 
attach the thread of the main color 
12-20p - 12sbn to the remaining s / nn 11 
rows leg. In the 18th row, we put the pin- 
pin 21p - 6ub

Pin hem mount for the legs is assembled as follows: a washer is put on under the pin head, then a disk. Inserted mount in the limb. 

Pens (the marker can not be aligned) 
1p - 6sbn in KA 
2p - prx6 (12sbn) 
3p - (3sbn, pr) x 3 (15sbn) 
4-6p - 15sbn 
7r - sbn, ub, 4sbn, 2ub, 4sbn (12sbn) 
8 -19r - 12sbn 
Do not tightly fill the handle, in the 17th row we put a pin. Note the inside of the handle, where 2 down. 
20r - 6ub 

Tail of kitty 
1p - 6sbn in KA 
2p - prx6 (12sbn) 
3-7p - 12 sbn 
Change for primary color 
8-21p - 12sbn
Fill in half, fold in half and tie ss. Fasten and cut the thread, leaving a tail for sewing. 

The tail of the rabbit 
1p - 6sbn in the KA 
2p - prx6 (12sn) 3r 
- (3sbn, pr) x 3 (15sbn) 
4-6p - 15sbn 
7r - (3sbn, ub) x 3 (12sbn) The 
thread should be fixed and cut, leaving a tail for sewing on 

Stage 2 
Body (the marker is not aligned) 
1p - 6sbn in KA 
2p - prx6 (12sbn) 
3p - (sbn, pr) x 6 (18sbn) 
4r - (2sbn, pr) x 6 (24sbn) 
5p - (3sbn, pr) x 6 (30sbn) 
6p - (4sbn, etc.) x 6 (36sbn) 
7-11r - 36sbn 
Fold the detail in half (back marker) in the 8th row on each side to fasten the legs (we put on the disk, washer and twist the antennae on the pinch antennae)
12r - (10sbn, ub) x 3 (33sbn) 
13-15r - 33sbn 
16r - (9sbn, ub) x 3 (30sbn) 
17-19r - 30sbn 20r 
- (3sbn, ub) x 6 (24sbn) 
21-22r - 24sbn 
23r - (2sbn, ub) x 6 (18sbn) 
24-25r - 18sbn 
In the 22nd row, install the handles, fill the body. Install a swinging head mount 26p 
- (sbn, ub) x6 (12sbn) 
27r - 6ub 

Sew a tail. Tail bunny stuff as sewn. 
Split mount (for a swinging head) 
For him we need: 
- 2 cotter pins, 
- 2 discs, 
- 2 washers, 
- round pliers. 
1. insert one pin into another, for this we do not fold much of the antenna of one pin;
2. on top, on one of the cotter pins, install the disc and washer; 
3. twist the antennae with the help of round pliers; 
4. The finished part of the linch pin is inserted into the open hole of the body. Hole pull off. 
5. insert the pin without a disc into the head, dress the disc and washer and twirl the antennae of the second pin. 
Head (the marker can not be aligned) 
1p - 6sbn in the KA 
2p - prx6 (12sbn) 
3p - (sbn, pr) x 6 (18sbn) 
4r - sbn, pr, (2sbn, pr) x 5, sbn (24sbn) 
5p - (3sbn, pr) x 6 (30sbn) 6r 
- 2sbn, pr, (4sbn, pr) x 5, 2sbn (36sbn) 
7r - (5sbn, pr) x 6 (42sbn) 
8r - 3sbn, pr, (6sbn, pr ) x 5, 3sbn (48sbn) 
9-15r - 48sbn
16r - 10sbn, 3ub, 8sbn, we put an additional marker, 8sbn, 3ub, 10sbn (42sbn) 
17-18r - 42sbn 
19r - (5sbn, ub) x 6 (36sbn) 
20-21r - 36sbn 22r 
- (4sbn, ub) x 6 (30sbn) 
23r - 30sbn 
24r - (3sbn, ub) x 6 (24sbn) 
25r - (2sbn, ub) x 6 (18sbn) Fill 
your head evenly. Please note that the head should not be strongly stretched upward 
26p - (sbn, kub) x 6 (12sbn) 
27r - 6ub. Thread to fasten and cut. 

Stage 3 

Bunny Ears 
1p - 6sbn in KA 
2p - (sbn, pr) x 3 (9sbn) 
3p - 9sbn 
4p - (2sbn, pr) x 3 (12sbn) 
5p - 12sbn 
6p - (3sbn, pr) x 3 (15sbn ) 
7r - (4sbn, pr) x 3 (18sbn) 
8-15r - 18sbn
16р - (sbn, ub) x 6 (12sbn) Fasten 
and cut the thread, leaving the tail. 
We fold the eyelet along and sew the two edges. 

Cats' ears 
1p - 5sbn in KA 
2p - prx5 (10sbn) 
3p - 10sbn 
4r - (sbn, pr) x 5 (15sbn) 
5r - 15sbn 6r 
- (4sbn, pr) x 3 (18sbn) 
Fold the ear in half and tie up ss. Fasten and cut the thread, leaving a tail for sewing. 

Point 1 is 11b lower than additional marker 
Points 2, 4, 4 points left and right of the additional marker 
Points 3, 5 departing 2-3 points from points 2 and 4.
Introduce the needle with a long thread to point 1 and output at point 2, leaving 1 tail at point. From point 2 we enter at point 3 and we derive at point 1 (1-2-3-1), well we pull down. From point 1 we introduce the needle 1-2 1-2b above and output at point 4. Enter at point 5 and output at point 4 (1-4-5-1). We retract. If necessary, repeat the attachments again. Thread secure and hide. 
We find a good arrangement of the ears and sew them. 

We make a toy to your liking. I stuck to the eyes cilia. The floss, divided in half, embroidered nose, line under the nose, brows. Dry pastel toned cheeks, the inside of the ears and mouth. 

Stage 4 

Shoes (a marker on the center of the heel) 

For knitting clothes used hook number 2
1p - 6vp, from the 2nd from the hook loop 3sbn, psn, 4psn in 1, continue to knit on the other side of the chain psn, 2sbn, 3sbn in 1 (14) 
2p - 2pr, 2sbn, psn, 4pr psn, psn, 2sbn, 2pr (2 22) 
3p - 22sbn 
For the p / np tie up with a “stride step”. 
4p - Attach the thread to the left of / pp 3 rows and knit 22sbn 
5-7r - 22sbn 
8p - 7sbn, 4ub, 7sbn (ubavki front) 


Provyazyvaem 3sbn, make VP will continue to knit the rows of rotating, making the EP rise in a row. The strap should be back center. Knit 7 rows of 3sbn. 
Sew strap to the inside of the 

3vp shoe, knit 2sbn from the 2nd loop. 
Knit rotary rows, making the rise of the 
RR 2-23r - 2sbn
Tie ss, sew buttons, strap the strap on the strap on the shoe. 

Bow (on the head) 

1 part 
25vp, from the second from the hook loop: 4 sbn, 4 ssn, 3psn, ss, 3psn, 4sn, 4sbn 
On the other side of the chain knit the same. 
Part 2 of 
3vp, from the second from the hook loop: 2sbn 
Next, we knit in turning rows, making the ascent. A total of 9 rows of 2sbn. 
3 part. Make a 
chain equal to the girth of the head and join into a ring. 
Stitch together the two edges of the first part of the bow, apply the third part. In the second part, we “embrace” and sew the edges. 


Knitting circle spiral without lifting loops. 
Dial chain vp equal to the girth of the abdomen and connect into a ring (I have 40vp). 
2p - 40sbn
3p - pr in every sbn 
4r - (sbn, pr) x in a circle 
Knit without increases to the desired length (I have 6 rows). Optionally change the color and knit 2 more rows. Finish knitting ss. 


Pins mark the desired width, attach the thread and knit UBN in rotating rows, making the ascent (I have a width of 11Sbn). 
2-3r - rows of knit without changes (11sbn) 
4r - ub, 7sbn, ub 
5p - 9 sbn 6r 
- ub, 5sbn, ub 
7p - 7 sbn 
8p - ub, 3sbn, 
u Tie a sbn bib and upper part of the skirt. 


Chain vp to close into the ring (I have 8vp), without cutting the thread to dial a chain in that length, what you will have straps (22sbn). Tie a chain of sbn, tie a ring of 10sbn into a ring, turn knitting and knit sbn on the other side. Fasten and cut the thread, leaving a tail for sewing. Sew straps, buttons, decorate the dress. 


Knit turning rows, making vp lift. 
Dial chain vp equal to the girth of the neck (20vp + 1vp rise) Increase 
each vp. 
2p - no change (40sbn) 3r 
- 5sbn, 9pr, 12sbn, 9pr, 5sbn 
4r - 5sbn, 9vp, skip 18sbn, 12sbn, 9vp, skip 18sbn, 4sbn 
5p - 40 sbn (including proving sbn in vn) 
6- 7r - 40sbn 
8r - (7sbn, pr) x5 (45sbn) 
9r - pr in each sbn
10-16r - 90 sbn 
Tie the halves of the dress ss, making buttonholes from the chain vp. 
Bottom dress tie (sc, 4sbn 1) 


attach thread K armhole. Knit in a circle 
1p - 27 sbn 
2p - (7sbn, ub) x 3 (24sbn) 3r 
- (2sbn, ub) x 6 (18sbn) Fasten 
and cut the thread. The second sleeve is similar. 
Sew buttons, decorate the dress. 

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