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Fragmented organization, I am lazy, one before, I try not to seam:  
Line Line: yellow wool dust, 48 bars, 12 stocks  
Needle: Lin Shun bamboo carbonization needles 4.00  
Finished Size: Length (without hood) 41 cm, bust 70 cm  
178 needles , weaving double osmanthus (last look at the second line, about one on the second line, loop, this is my understanding of the double osmanthus Sonnets):  

Eight-pin on each side to make a pocket in a skirt, remaining flat needles, 50 lines, pendant:  Two others, then knit cuffs, needles 52 needles, twice osmanthus six lines, in d fill to 62 pin flat pin two lines:

Woven together, and got the same folds with red, on the front after closing the seven under the stitching on the needle, and then woven flowers, even when just a bad shot, it is closing after five needles:  Body weave more, still owe a hat: Ready , colors seem normal, but the buttons to shoot clear, my hand painted wooden buckle ah ~: This sensitivity has increased, the color becomes strange: Back: Gathers weave, the fall of the sister group requirements, even a good person, but I can understand the responsibility is not responsible. Click the dust tutorial collects a 12-pin, the other with two needles in each Pick 3 needle on the left side: Two zigzag needles left the needle gracefully:
The first choice of needles on each needle and woven into the needle, excuse me, insert this shot:  And weaves the needle: And the three needles are good, folds, side complete: Then weave the other side, it's the same with the other two needles to choose a good swing of the letter, attention to Direction: Made:


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