Pink Cap and Scarf

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A pink hat with a scarf. Description and photo. Yarn mercerized cotton Kamteks, 100g per cap, 100g for scarf. Hooks: cap 2mm, flower 1,4mm, ties 3,5mm in 2 threads, scarf 3,5mm in 2 threads. The inner cap - according to the usual CST pattern of 12 increases in a row. After the addition = 120 CCN. The outer cap on the MK Dovey RATE 4: A-la "crazy" according to this scheme. It turned out 3СНН, 2 ВП. Choker - 3 RLS, 2 RLS in the arch from the VP; 3 RLS, 2 RLS in the arch from the VP; 3 RLS, 1PSN in the arch from the VP = 127 RLS. Those. in every third arch 1 RLS. The finished outer and inner hats were joined by a series of RLS. The ears are double. 

25 RLS typed the front half behind the front wall of the RLS of the previous row, the purl halves behind the back of the RLS of the previous row. 

4 rows without blows, from the 5th row, reduce 1 RLS from both sides in each row. 

Tied a cap around the RNC circle, while simultaneously connecting the halves of the ears. Then a stepping step, tying the strings. 

Flower according to the scheme provided by Viktoria For you! . 

The flower and leaves did less. small size of cap. 

Scarf according to the scheme, typing more loops.

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