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First we tie a ball, I tied balls for table tennis

Ball billet ready

Now we knit the eyes. We knit a chain of 10p b / n, then we turn and we knit back, we already have 9 loops, again we have turned and 8 loops back and so on until the end to decrease, it turns out a triangle.

Now we sew this triangle to a ball based

Well, now we’ll emphasize our eyes, in black, well, that would be more expressive.

We make a mouth, and I painted my eyes with paint, my special fabric is not a wash, but I think it is possible to knit pupils.

Now headphones: We knit three loops and close them into a ring, then we knit this ring around.

Then, without cutting the thread, we knit the chain and measure whether the size fits on the ball, if it came up, add an additional three loops and close it into a ring, then tie it with a tag.

Headphones are ready, and now we sew them to the ball.

We draw eyes and our lard is ready!

That's all. Our key chain is ready!

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