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Blue Socks 
Tall socks with openwork pattern, knitted from fine wool, can be worn both at home and for a walk. 

Magazine "Verena. Special Issue» № 3/2013 


37/38 (39/40) 40/41 

You will need 

Yarn (100% natural wool, 160 m/50 g)-200 g blue; 1 set of № 3 and № 3.5. 



Alternately 1 facial and 1 purl. 

Facial surface 

Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops (when knitting rows in the forward and reverse directions); For circular knitting-only facial loops. 

Openwork pattern 

Knit on 28 initial loops according to the scheme. On the diagram are given the odd series, in even rows of loops to tie the figure, the scale to tie the facial. 

Rapport is constantly repeating, in height to repeat the 1st – 16th series. 

Double loops 

Thread to hold before work. Enter the spokes in the direction of the right in the 1st P., then take off together the loop and thread, the thread is tight to pull back to avoid the appearance of holes. Thus the loop, pulled on a spoke, turns out a double. 

Density of knitting 

26 p. x 35 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected openwork pattern on the spokes № 3.5; 
28 p. x 39 R. = 10 x 10 is connected by the facial smoothness on the spokes № 3. 

Job description 

On the hosiery spokes № 3.5 for each golf dial 84 p. (= 21 p. On each spoke). Then knit the openwork pattern with circular rows, starting at arrow A, thus for sizes 1 and 2 to carry out Ubavki, as it is indicated, in 32, 64, 96, 128 and 160-th ranks; For size 3 in 32, 64, 96 and 128-m rows knit according to the scheme = 54 (54) 60 p. 

At the same time through 8 rapports = 128 p. Go to the Spokes № 3. 

After approximately 50 cm = 192 p. From the initial row of the loop once more evenly distributed on the spokes as follows: 1st spoke = 13 (14) 15 p., 2-spoke = 14 (13) 15 p., 3-spoke = 14 (13) 15 p., 4-spoke = 13 (14) 15 p. Loops 2nd and 3rd spokes leave. 


Loops of the 1st and 4th spokes = 26 (28) 30 p. Distribute to 3 parts = 9 – 8 – 9 (9 – 10 – 9) 10 – 10 – 10. On these loops to knit by shortened rows of a face smoothness as follows: 
1st P. (= persons. Row): All loops, including the last p. 1st spokes knit faces., rotate. 
2nd p. (= N. Row): 1 double p., the remaining 1st spokes and all p. 4th Spokes Knit Izn., turn. 
3rd p.: 1 double p., then all the remaining p. 4th and 1st spokes to double p. At the end of the p. Knit faces., double p. Leave the unprojazated, turn. 
4th p.: 1 double p. And again knit up to double p., turn. 

Repeat the 3rd and 4th R. Until the last double p. Failed to tie with the external loops of the middle third of the heels. Now knit on all loops, including left loops, a face smooth, thus in 1-th circle. P. At double loops to capture simultaneously both walls and to tie as 1 persons. 

After that loops of the 2nd and 3rd spokes again to leave, and further to knit on loops of the 1st and 4th spokes shortened rows as follows: 
1st P. (= persons. Row): Loops of the middle third of the touch of faces., rotate. 
2nd r. (= N. Row): 1 double p., then the remaining loops, including the last loops of the middle third, knit, turn. 
3rd p.: 1 double p., then tie the obverse all the remaining p. to the double p. At the end of the P., the double loop to capture both walls simultaneously and projazit as 1 front, the next p. Projazit persons., turn. 
4th p.: 1 double p., knit the whole row to double p. purl, have a double loop to capture both walls simultaneously and touch the reverse, turn. 

Repeat the 3rd and 4th R. Until one double loop is performed on the outer heel loops. 


After the last Iznanochnogo of the series knit on all loops, including left loops, circular rows of faces. In the 1st circle. P. Have a double loop to capture simultaneously two walls and touch as 1 persons. P. 

Then knit the facial smoothness to 19 (20.5) 21.5 cm from the middle of the heel. 


To do the following: 
On the 1st and 3rd spokes all the loops, except the last three p., to touch the face, 2 p. Projazat together persons., then 1 persons. 
On the 2nd and 4th spokes Knit faces., then 2 p. Together the front with a tilt to the Left (= 1 p. Withdraw as persons., the next p. Knit faces., then stretch through it removed p.). 

These ubcaps perform in 1, 5, 8, 11, 13, 15 17 circle. P. In each row to carry out Ubavki until the spokes will not remain 8 p. These loops firmly pull the working thread. Fix the thread on the reverse side. 

Source : Photo: Magazine "Verena. Fashionable knitting» № 3/2013

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