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Despite the fact that women in large numbers switched to trousers, skirts remain truly feminine clothing. It is in the skirt, revealing slender legs and beautifully fitting hips, the woman becomes herself. 
Studio Drops Design offers everyone to connect a spiral pattern warm skirt under the motto "Miss Moneypenny". 
Sizes are generally accepted, SML-XXL-XXXL. Knitting is offered from pure-wool yarn, Merino Extra Fine, which is sold in coils of 150m / 50g. Yarns will need 400-450-500-550-600-650 g. 
Tools: hook 4 mm, or other that will provide the specified density (18 rows of 18 st / cn = 10x10cm). 
The buttons will go 5 small ones on the buckle. 

Legend for crochet skirts from Drops 
- Fri, Loop 
- in, Air Fri
- nak, nakid 
- st / cn, column with 
nakst / s2n, column with 2 nakst 
/ sd, connecting post 
- mrk, marker 
- LAN, front side 
- IC, the wrong side 

Description of knitting midi-skirts with pattern 
Knit circular rows will. At the end of the series we do not connect to a circle, due to this the pattern will always shift by 1 pt, forming a spiral pattern. However, the first detail, with a buckle, tie back and forth, then go to the circular knitting. 

1. In each row, we replace the 1st st / cn by Bn, and at the end we perform st / cd in the 1st pt of the next series.
2. The addition is done by unfastening 2 sts / s from one st / sn at once. Moreover, Fri are added alternately, once to the mrk, once - after the mrk. 
3. The spiral pattern is knitted like this: 
- * 1 st / cn, clinging to the back wall of the next 7-th pt; 1 st / s2n, clinging to the front wall of Fri from the 2nd row for another pt *; we repeat from * to * along the row. 
The number of points of a circular series should be a multiple of 8, +1.

The skirt 
We knit a chain of 136-151-168-194-215-236 ct. 
A number of the 1st (LS): 1 st / cn knit in the 2 nd line from the hook; we do 1 st / c in each of the next 1-2-5-3-3-3 pt; * skip 1 pt; 1 st / cn at 6 pt *; repeat * - * to the end of the row. We receive 116-129-144-166-184-202 st./sn. 
We make 6 rows by one st./sn. 
Arrange the mrk, only 6: 
- mrk1 set after the first 11-12-12-16-15-19 pt; 
- between adjacent mrk should be on 19-21-24-27-30-33 pt; 
- After mrk6 should be preserved 10-12-12-15-15-18 pt. 
In the next row, we will start adding 1 st / cne for each mr. According to Specification No. 2. We add the operation of the addition through the series 7 more times, eventually we obtain 164-177-192-214-232-250 st / s.
In the next series of drugs, we make a connection in a circle. From this place we knit 14 cm. 
In the next row we add 5-8-9-3-9-7 sts / cm evenly, we have 169-185-201-217-241-257 st / s. 
We work with a pattern "spiral" to the height of the skirt at 48-50-52-54-56-58 cm - and finish the work. 

Buttonholes do this. We turn on the IP and do it on the left side, starting from the bottom: we knit 1 std / cn in the 1st and 2nd pt; 3 in; skip 1 cm; * We knit st / cm 2 cm; 3 in; skip 1 cm *; repeat * - * 4 times, and 4 more times; we finish, having executed 2 items per second in the top. 
Turn the work and knit like this: we do 1 st / cn in each st / cn, and in the arch from the crochet at once 3 sts / cn. 
Sew sew buttons.

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/3738015/rubric/1409500/page37.html

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