The pink skirt crochet

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main fabric of the skirt is knitted from the crossed posts, 2 types of frills are attached through a certain number of rows. 
Gathering number 1 (if you count the top of the skirt) - this is a braid of flowers with 6 petals. As a basis, I took it and tried to tie 
it in without interruption , changing the scheme a little. Gathering number 2, it is knit in 2 stages (I numbered them on the diagram), well, she indicated which place to cling to the main canvas of the skirt. And also - "curl" frills can be adjusted by the number of columns in shells, in the second stage - I drew 9 art. s \ n (I saw so much on the topmost frill # 2, and on the next I already saw 6 items of s.).

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