Sweater and skirt crochet free pattern

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Sizes: 44-46 

You will need: 500g of thick yarn of various shades of gray, blue-gray, natural, and also black and white colors; circular needles number 8. 

Figure: 1. Facial surface. Knitting density: 9 p.x12 p. = 10x10 cm. 2. Elastic band 1x1 in a circle.

The back and front: the parts fit in the same way, with the exception of the neck. Dial 43 (45) n. And knit the front satin stitch, alternating strips in accordance with the threads you have. Knit 50 p. and tie off the rounding of the armhole, closing 2 pt in succession and 3 pt 3 times. Then bind another 12 p on the back. and tie the neckline: close the central 16 points, and then on both sides, 1 point each. Close the shoulder loops. On the detail in front, after tying the rounding of the armhole, tie another 4 p. and begin to ligate the neck: close the central 8 s, then successively on both sides 2 s, 3 times on s. Close the shoulder loops. 

Sleeve: Dial 22 points and knit 56 p., Alternating stripes. To expand the sleeve, add on both sides 1 p. In each 9th row. Then untie the sleeves, closing at the beginning of each row 2 p., 6 times 1 p., 2 p.

Attention! Before the armhole line, the order and width of the bands may not coincide with the main details, and when knotting the neck, knit exactly the same bands as on the main parts above the chest line. The remaining loops close in one row. 

Assembly and finishing: Sew shoulder seams. Dial the loops from under the closed loops of the neck and tie in a circle with a 1x1 elastic band a collar 25 cm high. Sew the sleeves into the open armholes. Sew the side seams and bottom seams of the sleeves. 


Sizes: 44-46 

You will need: 500 g of thick yarn of various shades of gray, gray-blue, natural, and also black and white colors; circular needles number 8.

Figure: 1. Facial surface in a circle. Knitting density: 9p.x1 2 p. = 10x10 cm. 2. Eraser 1x1 in a circle. Knit the skirt from top to bottom, alternating stripes. Dial 64 p., Squeeze the knitting into a circle and knit with an elastic band 1x1 20 cm = 24 p. Add in the last row of 8 p., Making every 8 p. On the closed nakida. Mark / loops, highlighting 12 wedges with pins or colored threads. Knitting 84 p. = 70 cm, close the loop. Make along the edge of a fringe with a length of 10 cm, alternating threads of different colors.

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