Crochet a puppy

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- a yarn of 2 colors - white and beige; 
- filler - cotton wool or sintepon; 
- blanks for the spout and eyes; 
- glue, 
- scissors, 
- a needle and a hook.

It should be noted that the size of the finished product depends on the thickness of the yarn and hook used. First, we knit the head according to the scheme. The 
marked black dots are the places where you need to paste your eyes.

The following diagram 2 shows how to knit the front of the head with a nose:

Next, we knit the trunk according to scheme 3

The next is the ears (Scheme 4). 
Then we knit the front legs (Scheme 5).

And the rear are on the same scheme, only less by 1 row. 
At the end we knit a tail (Scheme 6).

After all the details have been connected, fill them with filler, which is available and begin to stitch the parts.

To start, we sew eyes to the head (you can use the beads) and embroider the white yarn eyebrows, attach the spout to the front of the face and sew it to the head. Then gradually we sew all the details to each other with the corresponding color of the yarn. We sew the hind legs so that our puppy can sit on them.

1 - air loop; 
2 - a column without a crochet; 
3 - 2 columns without cake in one loop of the previous row; 
4 - 2 bells without a crochet we sew as 1; 
5 - 3 bars without a crochet we sew like 1; 
6 - air lifting loop to the next row; 
7 - a column without a crochet, which is tied only behind the back wall of the previous row

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