Amigurumi Christmas Horse Free Pattern

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I'm glad my horses liked it.
For those who can knit and wanted to have the same, I made a description. However, without staged pictures, so if there is something unclear, ask, I will explain.
Please consider it my New Year gift:)
And if you do not know how to knit and do not have knitting friends, but such a horse also want-you can order me. Write in a personal, we will discuss color, materials, terms and cost:)

Spokes № 3 for wool and semi-woolen yarn 250-280m/100 Gr.
Dial 6 loops, spread to 3 spokes, close the circle.
Add evenly 6 loops in each row (2 loops on each spoke) until the spokes have 30-36 loops.
Bring 8-10 rows.
At the beginning of the first and at the end of the third spokes to touch 2 loops together. Repeat the decrease in 4 rows two more times. Total minus 6 loops. 1 and 3 spokes is a backrest.
It's not tight.
After a row after the last decrease on a back we form shoulders (as completion of mittens): to touch two loops together at the end of the first spokes, at the beginning and at the end of the second spokes, at the beginning of the third spokes. Repeat the number of tabs until there are 3 loops on each spokes. The 2-3 of the series is the neck.
Fill the carcass, distributing the stuffing evenly.
The loops of the third and the first spoke, having added to them evenly three loops = 9.
Knit 9-10 rows.
Knit "heel", leaving in the middle of 5 loops.
In order not to bother with the recalculation of the loops, I Projazuyu "heel" so: on the front side of the row to the seventh loop, the seventh and eighth Loop Projazuyu together front, reshoot this loop on the left spoke and I projazuyu it, too facial, along with the ninth, Edge, loop = 7 loops on the spokes; I turn on the wrong side, I shoot the first loop, I put a row to the fifth loop (taking into account removed), the fifth and sixth-together reverse, reset on the left spoke and again reverse together with the edge.

Dial from the edges of the "heel" of 5 loops on each side = 18, the first row of the facial cross ("Granny"), so that there were no holes.
Bring the 9-10 rows, lower the two loops on the bottom of the face.
Bring in another 6-7 series.
It's not tight.
Pull the row two together and tighten the remaining loops.
Hook up the tips inside.
Dial in the corners of the "heel" two loops, add in the middle of the third and knit Durcord 4-5 rows, loops to pull.
Or: Crochet stretch folded in half the thread in the corners of the "heel", the buttonhole Projazat two ends of the thread-2-3 air loops, tighten, tips to refuel inside, twisting through the side of each loop.
As a fringe on shawls, scarf, etc.: Crochet stretch folded in half thread under the loops in the center of the nape of the neck, to extend the ends in the resulting loop, tighten. You can untwist each end of the thread in reverse twist side and disassemble the individual thread, the mane will be lush.
Folded into four thread to stretch under the loops of the humeral (under the 3rd bottom), twisting the rope, put on the Endcap-hoof.
Sew the Biserki-eyes.
Good luck!

and the beads on the neck-it's stylized bridle:)

I found this picture of rope. Option B.

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/petlya_mebiusa/post300328068/

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