Ducklings amigurumi

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It will take: 

- yarn of 2 colors - bright yellow and orange; 
- a filler - a synthetic winterizer, if any, or cotton wool; 
- hook; 
- blanks for peepholes or beads; 
- thread and needle. 

Initially, with a bright yellow yarn we knit the duckling's body according to scheme 1. 
Then, using scheme 2, we knit the head with the same yarn. 


weft detail diagrams Diagram 3 shows how to knit a wing (we knit them with 2 identical yarns of bright yellow color). If desired, it can not knit, as shown in the example of the finished product. 
Also knit the beak, this time with orange yarn according to scheme 4 or scheme 4.1 (on the first one it will turn out more curved). You can use 2 types of beaks for knitting different ducklings. 
A more detailed master class on how to do this is presented below (the lesson from the 1st to the 20th). 

how to crochet a duck

After all the necessary parts are ready, we fill them and proceed to the assembly of our duckling. We sew a beak to the head and fasten eyes at the sides of it (if it is beads, we sew it). We sew wings to the body from two sides. Then we attach the head to the body. Our bright duckling is ready. 
1 - air loop; 
2 - column without nakida; 
3 - 2 columns without crochet in one loop of the previous row; 
4 - 2 columns without crochet are knitted as 1; 
5 - 3 posts without crochet are knitted as 1; 
6 - airy loop of rise to the next row; 
7 - single crochet column, which we knit only behind the back wall of the previous row

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