Amigurumi Cat Crochet

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So we will need: 

- Yarn (acrylic, "Crouch") 
- hook number 2; 
- filler (holofayber or sintepon); 
- beads or eyes to form the face; 
- black strings for the mustache. 

"Add", "Pribavochka" = 2SBN in one loop; 
"Lose" = skip the RLS, tie it 1СБН.

1) 4VP 
2) We send 2 CBN in each loop to 30SBN (round-robin) 
3) We put a tag, then we bind 16 rows of 30BSN (we can make the surplus on the puzik and get more pot-bellied) 
4) We fill (forming the tummy), gradually we can close the 

Lapki (you can see the next MK for clarity: ) in the number of 4 pieces: 

1) For each foot we knit three semicircles (3VP, then 2SBN in each loop to 8SBN) 
2) connecting the three semi-circle (forming fingers) 
3) are connected, provyazyvaem 6SBN - 3-4 rows 

6VP / 5SBN / 4SBN / 3SBN / 2SBN / 1SBN just strapping on a circle, we make out the edge of the beautiful abalone. 

6 VP, then in the circle 6SBN the required number of rows (about 7-10 rows). 
The tail can be made thicker, more authentic ... 

3ВП, further on 2СБН in each loop to 8-12СБН (depending on what size you want a spout). 

We decorate the muzzle: we sew beads, a spout ... we make the mustache ... 
And our cat is ready!

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