Confused Bird Amigurumi-Tutorial

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I suggest you tie this simple bird, which, however, is absolutely sure of its own irresistibility!
For knitting we will need:
 sectional yarn with short colored areas or any yarn of your choice, with a thickness of 350m in 100g
 Yarn of yellow or beige color for the beak and legs
• a bit of fine white yarn for the eyes, two black beads for the pupils (the eyes can be made from baked plastic)
 wire for the frame (I have an aluminum coated with a thickness of 1.5 mm
• hook 1.6mm or any convenient for you
 Yarn Alize Kid Mohair 250m 25g for a handkerchief
 knitting needles 3,5 mm, glue Moment gel transparent, a piece of adhesive plaster.
Let's get to work.
The head and trunk knit together in one detail, beginning with the head:
 1 row-tie 6 sbn in an amigurumi ring
 2 rd-6 increments = 12sbn
 3 rd- (prib, 1sbn) х6р = 18сбн
 4 row- (prib, 2sbn) х6раз = 24 сбн
 5 rows - (prib, 3sbn) х6раз = 30сбн
 6 row-knit without changes = 30sbn
 7 row- (prib, 4sbn) х6раз = 36сбн
 8-15 row-weave without changes = 36sbn
 16 row- (уб, 4сбн) х6раз = 30сбн
 17 row-knit without changes = 30sbn
 18 row- (уб, 3сбн) х6раз = 24сбн
 19 row- (ub, 2sbn) х6раз = 18сбн
 20 rows- (ub, 1сбн) х6раз = 12сбн, fill the head with filler, we pass to the trunk.
 21-row (prib, 1sbn) х6раз = 18сбн
 22 row- (prib, 2sbn) х6раз = 24сбн
 23rd- (prib, 3sbn) х6раз = 30сбн
 24 row- (prib, 4sbn) x6raz = 36sbn
 25 row-knit without changes = 36sbn
 26 row- (prib, 5sbn) х6раз = 42сбн
 27-28dow-weave without changes = 42cbn
 29 row- (prib, 6sbn) х6раз = 48сбн
 30-36 row-weave 7 rows without changes = 48sbn
 37 row- (уб, 4сбн) х8раз = 40сбн
 38 row- (уб, 3сбн) х8раз = 32сбн
 39 row- (уб, 2сбн) х8раз = 24сбн. We make a wire frame, as in the photo. We put the ends of the wire up, wrapped with an adhesive plaster. We insert the skeleton. The upper ends must pass through the neck to the head. Accurately fill the neck and upper body.
• 40 row-ub, we press the leg to the trunk, we draw the hook around the leg, we sew 2bn, (ub, 2sbn) x2raz, ub, press the second leg to the trunk, draw the hook around the leg, we sew 2bb, (ub, 2sbn) x2raz = 18sbn
 41 row- (ub, 1сбн) х6раз = 12снн
 42 row-6 deductions = 6sbn, loosen the loops, fix the thread. The legs are wrapped in a yellow or beige thread. To do this, the skeleton of the legs from the base to the fingers is glued with glue, we leave the tip of the thread, 6-7 cm long, the thread is pressed as close as possible to the trunk and begins to wind the thread around the leg. (Move away from yourself, slightly untwisting the thread to lie flater). the first finger, cut the thread, about 1.5 meters long, into the needle and twist the finger between the two wires. We try to make it tighter and denser, so that the wire does not move and does not shine through the threads. I twist the fingers with the "eight", but you can just wrap the thread two wires together. Consistently wrap all the fingers and just the same, slightly greasing with glue, climb up the stem. The two ends of the thread are tied up at the top and tucked inside the carcass.

Wings:  1 row-tie 6sbn in an amigurumi ring  2charges-6 additions = 12sbn  3 rd- (prib, 1сбн) х6раз = 18сбн  4-9-knit without changes = 18sbn  10 rows- (ub, 4sbn) x3raz = 15sbn  11-13 row-knit without changes = 15sbn  14 row- (ub, 3sbn) x3raz = 12sbn  15-16 order-no change = 12sbn  17-row- (yb, 2sbn) x3raz = 9sbn  18 row-knit without changes = 9sbn  19 row- (yb, 1sbn) x3raz = 6sbn  20 rows-6sbn, pull the loops, fix the thread, cut off. The second wing to tie in the same way. Beak:  1 row-tie 6sbn in an amigurumi ring  2 rows-6 sbn  3 rd- (prib, 1sbn) x3raz = 9sbn  4 rows-knit without changes = 9sbn  5 rows- (prib, 2sbn) x3raz = 12sbn  6-rate without changes = 12сбн  7 row- (prib, 3sbn) x3raz = 15sbn  8 times-without changes = 15sbn  9 row- (prib, 4sbn) x3raz = 18sbn  10-row without changes = 18sbn  11 row- (prib, 5sbn) x3raz = 21cb  12 rd-without changes = 21cb  13 rd- (prib, 6sbn) x3raz = 24sbn  14 row-knit without changes = 24sbn, s.d.dolbik.Nit fix, leave the tip for sewing Eye:  1 row-6 sb in the ring amigurumi  2 rd-6 increments = 12sbn  3-4 rows = 12sbn  5 rows-6 additions, put a little filler inside the eye, pull the thread, fix it, cut off, leaving the tip for sewing. Scarf: Dial 70 loops on the spokes of Almeze Kid Moher, 3.5 mm yarn, continue knitting with a stocking knit, subtracting 2 loops at the beginning of each row. Knit, until there are 2 loops left on the knitting needles. Close the hinges, cut off the thread, fix it, and hide the tips.

Assembly: Beak lightly stuffed, pinned to our crows' muzzle, sewed, adding a filler during the sewing process. You can embroider your nostrils on the beak. Sew the eyes, lightly pressing them to the head, sew a bead of the pupil. Wings are sewn symmetrically relative to the beak and legs. Tie a handkerchief
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