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Finally, I got my hands to write the next master class. This time we will make a rat. Here such. 
This MK is a bit like the one I wrote about cats here . But there are some differences and features. So, let's begin. 
I took as a basis the usual wine stopper. But you can use a thick foam or something. 

With a sharp knife, we cut off the excess and attach our body shape to our base. I made a little of the cone expanding to the bottom. It turns out like this:

After that, we take a copper wire 1.5 mm in diameter. It is sold in any electrical goods, you just need to clean the insulation. We pierce through the trunk in the area of ​​the shoulders and around the pelvis. Get hands and feet, respectively. The ends are bent to make your feet and hands. We insert a tail and a piece of wire that will serve as the basis for the head and neck. It turns out this frame: 

Take a pin with a ball at the end - it will be a nose. We spread the glue (the crystal moment) with the nose of the carcass, attach the pin and wind it with any thread. You can immediately paint your nose. 

After that, we again spread the wire with glue and wrap it, for example, with a jute twine, shaping the head and neck. 

We begin to wind the rest of the limbs. We glue the wire with glue and wrap it with one layer of woolen thread of the right color.

Then bend the tips in the shape of a hand. 

Again, spread the glue, already on top of the first layer of thread, and we shake the hand or foot to the desired thickness and shape. 

In the same way, we wind all other limbs, except the tail. Wire on the tail of the tail does not need to be bent, otherwise it will be too thick. That's what should happen. 

Using a glue on the trunk around the pelvis, gently wrap this part. 

Then we begin to wind up from the tip of the nose, not forgetting to spread the base with glue. 

We wind the trunk completely. 

For the ears will need a paper clip. We give them the desired shape, glue with glue and wrap the wire first in one layer. 

After that, we give a rounded shape, again we apply glue and wrap the ear completely.

We bite off the excess part of the paper clips, leaving about 5 mm, so that the ear was like on a stick. Having smeared this leg with glue, we stick an ear into place. So is the second. Eyes are made from the same pin as the nose, only we paint with white color. Just as the ears are stuck with the glue of the eye into place and already in place draw the pupils. Mustache from thin line. We put it into the needle and stitch it to and fro. Mustache must not be pulled out if you pull for them. Here is our krysavitsa))) 

Oh, yes, I forgot about cheese)). Cheese is cut from a white eraser. 

You can shape on the grindstone. Dyrochka melts any metal object with a rounded tip. I took the dowel with pliers, heated over the fire of the gas stove and made holes. 

To make the cheese itself more like it, we prevent white acrylic paint with yellow and paint.

That's all. ))) 
I have one small request. Please, if someone makes toys on my MK, boast of a photo in comments to this post. It is not difficult for you, but I am pleased.

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