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Everyone knows that walks are necessary for the kid at any time of the year. As for the winter period, of course you need to take care of a warm hat. One of the options is a hat cap, which covers your head well, covers part of the face, shoulders and neck of the baby.

Difficulty Level:  4 (5).

Size:  3-6 months.


You will need:

Materials:  150 grams of semi-wool yarn of gray color, 250 m / 100 grams, 6 buttons for decoration.

Tools:  straight spokes number 4, stocking knitting needles No. 4.


Technique of knitting:  elastic 1x1, elastic band 2x2.

Knitting density:  free.

The central part of the cap to the kid
We will type 18 loops on the spokes, knit with an elastic band 2x2, distribute the loops as follows: edge, two purlins, two facial, repeat to the end of the row. After 50 rows, the central part is finished.

Side parts of the cap
From the edge of the central part we raise 18 loops, we also distribute the loops as for the central part. In each row, we pick up one edge loop of the center and we sew in the next along with the first loop of the side part. Continue the work until all the free edge hinges of the center are tied together with the side part. We also knit the second side.

Manishka We
select 18 loops, then raise the loops along the bottom of the cap, knit in a circle, knit with an elastic band 1x1, then in each fifth row, first add facial loops on the face, get an elastic band 2x1, after 5 more rows add purl and get a 2x2 elastic. After 40 rows from the beginning, close all the loops.

Assembling and finishing of the product
On the front part we raise the loops with the stocking knitting needles, we knit in a circle the rubber band 1x1 of 20 rows, we close the loops. From above we sew buttons on the sides of the cap as in the photo. From the remaining yarn we will make two pompons with a diameter of 8 cm and sew on the top of the cap.

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