Crochet Women Dress Free Pattern

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Sizes: 36/38 (40/42) 

You need to play: 400 (450) g ​​of gray-brown frosted yarn (color 2) Alta Moda Cocoon Lana Grossa (60% merinosome yarn); polyamide, 170 m / 50 g); Knitting needles number 6, number 6.5 and number 7; round knitting needles number 6, hook №5. 

Knitting patterns for knitting. 

Gum 2x2: 1 In a series - alternately 2 ex, 2 persons. Starting from the 2nd row of the loop, knit according to the pattern. 

Openwork neck A: knit according to scheme A. In izn. knit loops in rows in rows, nakida in purses. Start c rom. and 10 points before the rapport, repeat the rapport loops, finish 11 points after the rapport and creme. At the end of the scheme repeat the 131st - 134th rows. 
Openwork pattern B: knit according to scheme B. In izn. a series of petals knit on the drawing, nakida - with the wrong. Start with ĸrom. and 10 paragraphs before rapport, repeat rapport loops, end 11 paragraphs after rapport and Cru. According to the scheme, repeat the 17th - 20th p. 

Knitting density, lace patterns, knitting needles No. 6: 17.5 p. X 21 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Clicking on the left button of the mouse - the picture is opened in the new one and it will be large. 

Description of women's melange play knitted with needles: 

Attention! Sides of the front and backrest are obtained due to the change of the spokes. Reductions are not performed. 

Back: on needles No. 7 dial 83 (93) on and knit with openwork lace A. From the 43rd row go to needles No. 6.5. From the 75th row go to the spokes number 6. At a total height of 71 cm for direct closure from both sides, 10 p. = 63 (73) p. . 2 times 5 (6) p. Then close the remaining 31 (35) p.

Before: knit like a back, but to cut the neckline 85 cm from the typesetting edge, close the middle 11 (15) points and knit further separately, closing the edges of the cutout in each 2nd p. 1 time 3 points, 2 times 2 points each and 3 times 1 points time 
Sleeves: dial 43 points for needles No. 6 and knit with an openwork pattern B. About 10 cm from the beginning of the work, add 1 points from each side ., then 2 times for 1 p. in each 10-m p. and 7 times for 1 p. in each of the 8th p., including the arrival in the hot pattern (make sure that you match the number of tied together sweaters and caps, in case you need to dial first 1). Continue to knit straight and close after 51.5 cm from the start of the work.

Assembling women's dresses: to perform the stitching. For the gateway to the circle. Knit the needles on the edge of the notch 80 (88) section and knit 17 cm with a rubber band, then close the loop. Bottom edge of the dress tie 1 p. "Rachego step." ‌ ‍‍

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