Amigurumi Sheep Crochet Tutorial

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I propose to tie a small sheep - the symbol of the next year according to the Eastern calendar. This cutie can be a herringbone, interior decoration, keychain and even a brooch! And you can tie it from yarn of any color to your taste, and it will take quite a bit of time.

Necessary materials:

- the bobbled yarn - I used the Boucle Streich of the Lama, 50gr / 100 m, Princess from the Trinity yarn, 200gr / 300 m;

- fine smooth yarn - in my case Angora Ram, 100gr / 500 m (it is with mohair, but without napping the nap almost there);

- thread type Iris for the design of the face;

- small beads for the eyes;

- superfluous / sintepuh for stuffing;

- satin ribbon or other accessories depending on the purpose of your lamb. 

The following abbreviations are used in the description:
Вп - air loop
ss - connection bar
sb - column without crochet
pr - increase - two sbn in one loop of the base
ub - reduction - to tie two sb together (I do this on the front walls of the hinges)
x 6 times - repeat the number of times written in brackets
The total number of loops in a row is indicated in parentheses.
We knit in a spiral without lifting loops. The process is shown on the example of offsuit lambs, but the essence of it does not change from this :)
We begin with the body, we knit it from the towed yarn crochet № 2,5. When knitting such a yarn, the "face" will be the wrong side, because most of the nap comes out inside out. For one sheep, it is necessary to link 2 parts.
1 row - dial 6 in, from the second loop from the hook - 4 sb, 3 sb in the last loop of the chain, knit on the reverse side - 3 sb, 2 sb in the first loop (12)
2 series - pr, 3 sbn, 3 pr, 3 sbn, 2 pr (18)
3 rd - pr, 4 sbn, (pr, cbn) x 3 times, 3 sb, (pr, cbn) x 2 times (24)
4 row - 24 sb (24)
If you pull the 4th row, and this is possible when knitting a yarn of a larger footprint, then link it also with the increments:
4 row - pr, 6 sbn, (pr, 2 sb) x 3 times, 3 sb, (pr, 2 sb) x 2 times (30)
On one detail we untangle the tail - without tearing the thread, we sew 2 sb, 3 in, sb in the second loop from the hook, one more sb and 1-2 ss into the body, we get a pretty tail. To tie the tail on the other side (for the lamb to look the other way), you do not have to tie a few crochets to the end of the row and tie the tail in a similar way, after continuing the sneak to the end of the row.
Thread the tear, fix and hide all the tips.
At me the body size has turned out such: 5 sm - length, 4 sm - height.

The head is made of smooth yarn, hook No. 2.
1 row - dial 6 in, from the second loop from the hook - 4 sb, 3 sb in the last loop of the chain, knit on the reverse side - 3 sb, 2 sb in the first loop (12)
2 series - pr, 3 sbn, 3 pr, 3 sbn, 2 pr (18)
3 row - (8 sb, pr) x 2 times (20)
4-7 rows - 20 sbn (20)
in the 7th row did not finish 1 sc
8 row - (уб, 8 сбн) х 2 times (18)
Cut the thread and fasten it. Few stuff.
Next knit textured yarn.
9 row - tie the sb in each loop, grabbing both sides of knitting
10th row - turn the part, knit in the opposite direction - 1 reduction on each side, fix the thread and hide it.
You can tie 3 rows if the head is not curly enough. You may need to pull the nap on one side.

Ears - from smooth yarn, 2 parts.
1 row - 6 sb in the loop amigurumi
2 row - pr x 6 times (12)
Leave the tip for sewing, folded in half with the front side inward, sew a 1-2 stitch to fix the shape.

We sew the ears, the ends of the threads are not cut off, they will be useful to us.

And make out a muzzle - we sew eye-beads and we embroider a nouse.
By the way, brooches are already ready - curly heads (it was necessary to sew on the reverse side small pieces for brooches).

We go further, we sew the head to the trunk, variants are already possible here.
If the lamb is on two legs, then it is necessary immediately to sew a ribbon for suspension between the head and the body. We use the tips of the threads that are left from sewing the ears.

And if on four - that a head sew on the side.

We knit the legs. 
For a lamb on two legs - upper legs - 6 sb in a loop amigurumi, only 4 rows - 2 parts.
Lower - 6 sbn in the loop amigurumi, only 5 rows - 2 parts.
For a lamb on four legs - 6 sb in a loop amigurumi, only 3 rows - 4 parts.
Thread the fastener and leave the tip for sewing, and the tips from the beginning to fill in the paws instead of stuffing.

We sew the legs.

That fininskaya straight! Sew the back of the seam over the edge, pulling the thread well, so that it drowns in the pile, do not forget to stuff a little body.

For a lamb on two legs, you still need to tie a tail (3 in, 2 sb, starting from the second loop from the hook) and sew it in its place, and for a lamb on four legs - do not forget to sew a ribbon for hanging between the front and back parts of the body.
And if you want to make a brooch, then on the reverse side we sew the felt and the workpiece for the brooch.

Here such babies at me it has turned out, the main thing - in time to stop :)

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