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Plaid for the newborn from yarn with pom-poms 

Good afternoon. Today I want to tell you how to quickly and easily connect a soft and fluffy blanket for a newborn baby. 
Dimensions 75-75 cm. Although in such a pleasing plaid you can wrap a baby, because of the small size it is more likely to cover in a stroller or for a changing table. 


You will need a blue yarn with Marifefly Alize pom-poms (200 grams, 2 skeins) and white yarn (100 grams), I have Papilon Lanoso (50% cotton, 50% viscose). Still need knitting needles (from 2 to 6 numbers) and a hook 2,5. Satin ribbon and roses for decoration. 


The plaid is made of individual squares. We type on the spoke 14 loops. For the first row, just make a loop from the broach between the pompoms and put it on the spoke.

We knit one row with the front loops, one row with the backs. We sew the edge loops, like all the others, i.e. We do not remove the first loop, but we also tie it. Knitting uses only broaches, the pom-poms themselves remain between knitted loops. 

This is how the wrong side looks. If you knit all the rows of faces, then both sides will be the same, but the mating will be more loose, not so dense. 

Continue to knit until you get an even square. Close the hinges. This is done so. The first loop is tied with the front. 

Then it is better to change the right knitting needle to a hook, so it will be more convenient. In the first knotted loop, we knit another one with the help of a working thread. 

We knit the third loop not from a working thread, but from a loop that is on the spoke. Then we alternate: one loop from the working thread, one from the knitting needle.

So, there is the first square. The ends of the yarn need to be gently scorched with a match so that the tails do not start to blossom. 

We tie each square with white yarn: in the loop between the pompoms, we sew two columns with a hinge from one hinge, between them there are 3 air loops. 

The first square is simply tied in a circle, and, starting with the second, we attach the squares to each other for the middle loop of the arch from the air loops. 

That's how we connect all the squares. I have them 16, if you want a plaid more, you can tie 25 or even 36 squares. 

We insert the tape, evenly distributing it so that the rug is not pulled off, but the tape does not sag. 

We tie a rug around the circle with one row of columns with a crochet, between them 2-3 air loops (depending on the density of knitting and the thickness of the thread). The next row is knitted with columns with 3-4 nakidami, you need to measure the width of the tape.

We tie a plaid lace according to this scheme (or any other). 

Tie up the ribbon with a bow. Also gently scorch the ends of the tape with a match. 

On the folds we fix the tape with the help of ready decorative roses. If they are not, you can tie small flowers crochet. 

The plaid is ready. I got this kind of kit with booties .

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