Crochet Wriststrap Free Pattern

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Crochet ornaments long ago and firmly entered into modern fashion, and are considered a very stylish and exclusive addition to any along. They are suitable for young girls, and respectable ladies, and even children. They can be worn to the summer, along with the sundress and evening dress. Especially elegant look delicate, crocheted, bracelets on the wrist, decorated with placer beads and beads. To them it is possible to execute and a necklace. Such ornaments will give the image individuality and originality, underline femininity and beauty. We offer to your attention a beautiful openwork knitted bracelet with beads, made crochet with the design of beads "under Pearls".

For the work we will need:

White cotton threads,
Reel Threads,
Thin Needle,
Large Golden beads,
Hook № 2,
White Little button,
Pearl beads of medium size and elongated beads "under pearls"-3 large and 4 small.

We collect on a hook 55 of air loops and three loops for lifting.

Then, in the fifth loop from the base of the column with a scale, we perform three air loops, and again the column with the scale in the same loop base. The first tick is obtained. We make an arch of three air loops. In the seventh loop from the first tick we perform the same actions and again an arch of three loops. There should be eight identical checkboxes.

Then turn the work, make three air loops. In each tick we touch two columns with a scale, five air loops, and again two columns with a scale.

Flip the work again. We perform one air loop for lifting. Then in each resulting arch we have one column without a scale, five columns with a scale, one column without a scale. Between the arches we have one column without a scale. There should be eight shells. We carry out on the side a buttonhole from four air loops and fix a thread from a wrong. Now fasten the other side of the bracelet button with reel threads.

Then, on the edge between the "shells" gently prishivayem elongated beads "under the Pearls", alternating large and small. Each bead is fixed with golden beads, having returned with a needle with a thread through the elongated beads, to the beginning of knitting.

On the top edge of the bracelet, over the elongated beads, we attach round pearl beads. Fix the thread from the reverse side. All! Our charming and cute knitted bracelet with beads is now ready!

Source : http://vyazhemdd.ru/vyazanyiy-braslet-s-businami/

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